Project Free TV Proxy 2019 – List Of Unblocked Project Free TV Mirror Sites

Project Free TV Proxy – The best proxy website for the TV series lovers. It contains all the series and episodes under one roof. We don’t need to use separate websites for each series. This gives you the online free service of the shows and TV series that are telecasted. This proxy site also contains few movies with great quality.

Project Free TV Proxy 2019

The videos in this site are HD and one can watch it online or download to watch later. We can watch the stuff from the subscription-based applications like Netflix for free of cost. This site was blocked in the year 2015 for the pirated content it is displaying. But it came back in 2018 with different domain name but with the same content and index.

ProjectFree TV Proxy
ProjectFree TV Proxy

This new domain is not available in few countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany but we can use the VPN and change the locality and access the proxy site. The only reason to block the proxy sites is its content. It contains the content which is copyrighted and that cannot be displayed without permission from the authorities. This causes the economic crisis to the authors. So, if the ISP or the government tracks the torrents then they will block in that particular area.

Unblock Project Free TV Proxy

ProjectFree TV Proxy Sites
ProjectFree TV Proxy Sites

The Project Free TV Proxy came back again last year with the mirror sites which have the same features and content and links but which are accessed from the different domain names. This helps the proxy website not to get tracked.

Rutracker Proxy/Mirror sites   Status            Speed   Online   Fast
Free TV Video Online New Proxy Online       Normal
Free TV Video Online Proxy Working    Fast
Unblock Free TV Video Online Online Normal Working   Slow Working     Fast Online Normal Online    Fast Online   Very Fast  Online Normal


These are the sites which are created by the owners of the Project Free TV Proxy which work with the different domains names and are useful to access the website without any issues or tracking problems.

Unblock Project Free TV Proxy Using The Public DNS Servers

The ISP may track your address or if you feel guilty for using the proxy site or mirror sites then you can shift to the VPN process for accessing the information. If the proxy site does not work in your location change the locality. DNS is a part of the internet infrastructure. This method is frequently used way to implement internet filtering. By default, we have the ISP servers provided. Couch Tuner Proxy is also other website where the users can easily access to watch all the newly released movies from here.

To change the settings and use DNS servers by a third party will make you free from the trackers. To do this open your command prompt in the windows and type “ping” and enter. This gives the IP address of the Project Free TV Proxy site. If your DNS request is tracked then use defeat blocking by switching to Google’s public DNS.


This article is all about the Project Free TV Proxy website 2019 and this helps you to get through the mirror sites. Check them and save the best one according to you to use. You can also try the VPN or the DNS process to unblock the websites and access them. So to know more about other torrents sites stay tuned to our web portal Timesalert and receive all the updates without fail.