Prolonged Smartphone Usage Can Increase Depression Levels

With the advent of social media storm people have been spending more than half their time on mobile phones. If you are amongst them who constantly check their mobiles for updates or hangout mostly, then you might be suffering from Depression a new study says. Researchers have been working on detecting depression levels by analyzing smartphone sensor data which contains the duration of time spent on mobile and collectively tracking geographical location of the individual. Researchers team from Northwestern University have proved through their recent studies that at an average people who spend more than 68 minutes on mobile were reported most depressed. Where as non-depressed individuals spent about 17 minutes on mobile.

Prolonged Smartphone Can Increase Depression Levels

Spending most of the time at home and limiting yourself to fewer locations was also linked to depression. Another instances where people usually are engaged with less regular day-to-day schedule, leaving your house and going to work at different times each day,were Prolonged Smartphone Usage Can Increase Depression Levels

David Mohr from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine,”With phone sensor and GPS data, we can detect if a person has depressive symptoms and the severity of those symptoms without asking them any questions”.

Mobile phones sensor data can significantly provide 87 percent accurate information of depressive symptoms from the user.