Psy To Release His New Album In December After Gangnam Style

The most popular South Korean singer Psy is set to release his first album for over three years, with the Gangnam Style star vowing an arrival ‘to his roots’. The idiosyncratic singer/rapper was launch to worldwide stardom in 2012 after his Gangnam Style music video, with its imperceptible horse riding dace move which went viral. It remains the most-watched video ever on YouTube with more than 2.4 billion views.

Psy to release his new album in December

The two singles he released earlier, Gentleman in April 2013 and Hangover as a team with US rapper Snoop Dogg in June 2014 got a relatively tepid reaction from fans. YG Entertainment in an announcement said, presently this 37-year-old singer is set to release his new album on 1 December, the first since July 2012. Toward the end of last year Psy said that he would do a reversal to his roots and come back with another new album and expectation is running high.

Before Gangnam Style vanquished the world, Psy was already established artist in South Korea, with a notoriety for provocative lyrics and uncontrollable stage performances peppered with irreverence and fuelled by various jugs of the South Korean alcohol soju. Amid one of his perpetual abroad promotional stops, the rapper in Singapore said, once in a while, truly, yes I get tired or I become ill of it. He has stayed under low profile for as long as a year while working away at the new album the seventh since he began his music career in 2001.