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Rahadari is an Tamil Dubbed Telugu action-thriller film having its release on 27 May 2016. It is directed by Raaj Menon, Suresh and Raj Zacharias produced this movie. Film features Sethu, Abhishek Vinod and Swetha Vijay as the main leads. Rahul Raj composed music for the film. Check Out Rahadari Movie Review.

Rahadari Telugu Movie Review Rating

Rahadari movie is all about a road trip that transforms into a bad dream. The movie have the impact of Spielberg’s Duel to a considerable extent. The last scenes where the stranger chases in a truck of the travelling couple in a car frightfully like the episodes in that film exactly. Anyways the excessive number of moderate shots and vehicle shots on the road appear to show that this is a 45 minute to one-hour plot that has been extended to highlight film length. But it has figured out how to pack in the time and has no flashbacks or songs. You require strong system to mold a film perfectly out of this material however that is once in a while seen here. Look at Rahadari Movie Rating & Public Talk.

Rahadari Movie Review

Rahadari Movie Cast & Crew

  • Director: Raaj Zacharias, Suresh
  • Producer: Raj Zacharias
  • Starring: Raj Zacharias, Sethu, Abhishek Vinod, Surabhi Prabhu, Swetha Vijay
  • Music: Rahul Raj
  • Cinematography: Kishore Mani
  • Editor: V. T. Vijayan
  • Production company: Celebs & Red Carpet Studios
  • Release dates: 27 June 2016
  • Language: Telugu

Rahadari Movie Story

The film starts with a security guard being killed at a police station and after that, in the following scene, we see Jai and Neha in transit to Hyderabad to get married. They offer a ride to a more unusual person(stranger), who says that his car has endured a breakdown and he needs to go to the following town to get a workman (mechanic). Meanwhile the police are searching for a murder and the police taking care of the case senses that something is not right and follow the three people in the car. Will he get to them before the stranger attacks the couple?

Rahadari Movie Audience Response

The film figures out how to take part in thrilling moments and the suspense revealed over when the stranger will show his true nature keeps the first half of the movie. In the second half, film shows he was in a mental refuge keeping in mind this flashback feels repetitive. The way that he is a psycho is sufficient for us to be put guessing into the story. Movie highlights us a lovely pair and acting execution from Pooja. But, the film required to be shown some drama sequence in between yet we don’t get that to watch such type of scenes. The conversation between the characters is dull and just appears to show case that the movie makers are in some urgency to proceed to the following chase. The Rahul Raj who worked as film composer used over the top guitar riffs for the background score to make these happenings on screen to bring up the look as dramatic yet his exertion winds up being very uproarious. Look at Rahadari Movie Review Rating Story Audience Response here on our site.

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