Reaching Korea Open Final Was Big Achievement, Ajay Jayaram

Over a year recently getting into fitness from a shoulder harm, Ajay Jayaram was last seen at the Korea Open a week ago and the Indian Badminton player said it was a cherishing moment for him after settling back for a duration of seven-month cutback.

Making an entry into the competition as an underdog, Jayaram propelled forward to reach the finals but lost against World No.1 Chen Long, the Bangalore-based badminton player expressed joy that he was able to witness his fantasy of making it to the last of a Super Series Event.

Ajay Jayaram excels at Korean Open

“Since my childhood, I have seen so many people whom I look up to, like Peter Gade, Lin Dan or Taufik Hidayat getting up there, so it was a dream to take the court in Super Series finals. So it was a big moment for me to reach the final,” said Jayaram.

For a course of half year Jayaram was left aside pertaining to his shoulder injury.

Jayaram stated that,  It was difficult experiencing the time I was recovering from injury . I had a strong intent to be back following four months yet the recovery seemed a bit tough. As there are numerous high and low peaks in carrer, there are days when you feel down, there is some pain and after you question your fitness. However, it feels great once again to be back following seven months and win my first GPG title at the Dutch Open. Before that, I came to the elimination phase at Malaysia furthermore the last at Swiss Open too. So the event seemed like an encouragement for me.

Jayaram is currently ranked at 32 who is relied upon to make a major come back in the world rankings when the crisp list is released on Thursday however the Indian said he is not worried in regards to that and needs to concentrate on consistency.