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Rendu Aksharalu Movie Review: Rendu Aksharalu is the Latest Telugu Movie having its release on 10 June 2016. Film features Lokesh Reddy as the main lead. Rendu Aksharalu is directed by Srinivas Rao. M and produced under Sri kancammatalli Banner. Lokesh Reddy and Akshara are the main male and female lead actors in the film. Pila Devdas has taken up the production part of the movie. Pila Mahender Reddy worked as presenter. The Audio audio event of Rendu Aksharalu was done recently and the movie crossed the bridge of Sensor Works which is ready to have hit the theaters on 10 June. Know Rendu Aksharalu Movie Review Rating Public Talk.

Rendu Aksharalu Movie Review Rating

Before its release, Producer of the film Pila Devdas speaking about the movie shared few things saying, People who love must get married considering Parents acceptance in order to maintain good married life, otherwise the couple may face many problems. Working out on this concept, the makers have joined comedy essence to the story and completed the shooting part.

Rendu Aksharalu Movie Review
Rendu Aksharalu Movie Review

Rendu Aksharalu Movie Audience Response

The entire shooting part has been completed in areas of Srikakulam with proper shooting schedule. Nanda have composed music for the film Rendu Aksharalu while Vandemataram Srinivas had given the lyrics. Music of the film which was released earlier received good response. Censor Board members issued a clean U/A certificate which can be watched by all kind of audience.

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Speaking about the release, Director Srinivas rao.M said, producer has given his complete support to the film until its completion. Music for the film reached well into audience, the film has many elements that will be connected to the current trend, he said. Cast and crew of the film have given their utmost support to the film. Director thanked his entire film unit for given their complete support throughout the time. Know Rendu Aksharalu Movie Review Rating.

Rendu Aksharalu Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Rendu Aksharalu
Director Srinivas Rao. M
Producer Pila Devdas
Production Company Sri kancammatalli Banner
Star Cast Lokesh Reddy, Akshara
Music Nanda
Lyrics Vandemataram Srinivas
Release Date 10th June 2016

Rendu Aksharalu Movie Story

Rendu Aksharalu Movie is with a concept highlighting the youth who get married without their parents acceptance. Movie spotlight a theme that, couple who get married with parents approval will lead a happy life and the couple who get married on their own may face problems in their day to day life. Movie makers have added some comedy portion to this plot and entertained audience.

Rendu Aksharalu Movie Review & Rating 

Rendu Aksharalu Movie Review Hit
Rendu Aksharalu Movie Rating 2.5/5