Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Smartphone Starts Delivery From June 28

After a long stretch of silence, Ringing Bells, the organization behind the Rs. 251 Freedom 251 3G smartphone has declared that it will begin deliveries to customers from June 28. The Managing Director of the company Mohit Goel put forth a statement saying Ringing Bells is to be trusted that as they are initiating deliveries very soon.

Freedom 251 Smartphone Delivery From 28 June

Goel had beforehand promised to deliver the primary batch before June 30. Ringing Bells, which declared its World Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 at first quarter of the year, guaranteed to offer a 3G empowered smartphone for just Rs. 251, however very quickly kept running into controversies.

Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Home Delivery Updates

Freedom251 Smartphone Delivery
Freedom251 Smartphone Delivery

Ringing Bells appropriated prototype units to media which has shown the logo of another brand on the smartphone, fully covered with white. The company asserted it had received a great number of registrations however later revealed that its first day of online bookings saw only 30,000 units being sold.

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It guaranteed to meet the outlandish cost through economies of scale, and making in India, yet both of these ideas were discovered unrealistic at the time. A Congress MP called it the biggest scam, while Ringing Bells was blamed for extortion by a customer mind firm. Ringing Bells trashing all the speculations took initiative of  Freedom 251 Delivery.

How To Check/ Track Freedom 251 Shipping Date

On the off chance that the brand is really ready to complete deliveries at just Rs. 251 of smartphones that truly works in sensible numbers. It will be a staggering end to a voyage that has been an outright thrill ride. In any case, if it misses the mark on any of those measures, then Ringing Bells troubles may very well be started.

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Deliveries will begin to customers who have registered for purchasing the smartphone. The company is going to start Shipment Of Freedom 251 From June 28 to clients who paid for it before on COD (cash-on-delivery).