SC Accepts To Ensure Levelling Of Green Tax In Delhi

Supreme Court on Friday had agreed to grant levelling of green tax in Delhi. Apex court heard a petition notified by lawyer Harish Salve who also delivered and order urging an additional surcharge on private vehicles which enter national capital to distinguish them from vehicles causing acute pollution problems in the city.

The Supreme Court, in its plea has ordered the cess to be paid by Light Commercial Vehicles other than the toll fee can be charged as Rs. 700, and Rs. 1,300 for two, three-axle vehicles or more.

Supreme Court grants Green Tax in Delhi

Sunita Narayan, the petitioner in this case expressed her views on SC verdict, “The decision of the SC today is one of the biggest decisions for the city. Winters are approaching and the pollution level will go up. Food grains, milk, oil tankers will not be charged any cess. Ambulance and passenger busses will also be exempted.The Chief Justice of India has said that if anyone has any problems, we will hear it after four months .”

Delhi-based Center for Science and Environment has conducted a study, trucks entering into Delhi from north to south and east to west could without much of a stretch sidestep, but they intend to enter city as the additional charge in Delhi is 33% of what they would need to pay as toll on the off chance that they utilize the highways. An expected 85,000 vehicles enter the city day by day and contribute towards 30 percent of the air contamination.