SC New Rules ; 3 Months License Suspension On Traffic Violation

Supreme Court has initiated rule to cancel ‘Driving Licence’ for three months if someone relentlessly violates traffic rules. A committee was appointed by Supreme Court on Wednesday asking all State and Union domains to suspend driving licence for minimum three months if people violate traffic rules. A list of violation rules were provided by former Supreme Court judge K S Radhakrishnan who led the panel and list include jumping red light, over peed, driving in drug and alcohol impact, usage of cellphone when driving, travelling with overloaded goods and people with goods carriages.

3 months licence suspension

Court made Helmet laws mandatory in case of two wheelers for main rider along with packsaddle rider.
Subjecting rules violation panel decided that lawbreaker will be charged a fine amount directed under ‘Motor Vehicle Act’ followed by two hours Road Safety Education along with counselling sessions.
Supreme Court also received four reports from panel, October 2014-March 2015 which presented increase in road mortality number lack of safety laws execution. A total number of 1,37, 572 people were killed in 2014 basing statistics produced by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Considering public interest to implement road safety laws in the nation, panel was set up on 14th April 2014. According to reports, Court have also asked to provide report of actions taken every month at the end from starting this 1st September by Union and State Territory.

As per reports, “The Committee further directs that in case of driving a vehicle under the influence of drinks or drugs, the police should prosecute the offender and seek imprisonment as prescribed under Section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 even for the first offence.”