Selfie Mania Took Away Young Boy Life At Butterfly Park In Zoo, Hyderabad

On Tuesday morning a young boy died subsequent to falling from a stone inside the Nehru Zoological Park in course of attempting to click a selfie. 17 year old Manjeet Choudhary has fallen into the water fountain at the Prehistoric Animals Park. Due to the slippery rock in the restricted zone he fell before his family.

Hyderabad Teenager Died Trying To Take Selfie In Zoo

Manjeet might hit his head on the fountain’s wall edge or on the stone amid the fall, said Bahadurpura police On arrival to the Osmania General Hospital by time doctors confirmed him as dead. In the in term his family members then asserted that no gatekeeper was available to safeguard the boy and that it took more than 30 minutes for a vehicle to come and take him to hospital.

Selfie Craze Took Away Boy’s Life

 Selfie Illness Killed Young Boy At Hyderabad Zoo

His sister Ninji Chowdary said, “My sibling might be alive if an emergency vehicle had come in time. It took more than 30 minutes for zoo authorities to send some person to the accident area.” She even asserted that Manjeet was in electric shock before falling in the water.

Selfie Craze Costs Hyderabad Youth Life

At the zoo’s Butterfly Park on Tuesday, no gatekeepers were available when 17-year-old Manjeet tumbled to his death at the waterfall. When a senior Zoo authority is questioned regarding accident, he said, “The watchman was not present when the accident happened as he was having his lunch at the other place.” Zoo authorities said that they had transmitted their battery vehicle to get Manjeet quickly and had treated him at the zoo facility.

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Zoo security authorities raced to the spot to assist the boy after he fell and vanished consciousness. To counteract such accidents in future the administration has chosen to raise a fencing up and down the waterfall so that nobody can enter, the guard rounds will also be raised for the security and the security will definitely expanded.

Teenager Dead Due To Selfie Trend At Butterfly Park In Zoo

A year ago in August a tiger had figured out how to escape its cage, putting the lives of numerous at danger. In June, a man had figured out how to enter the jaguar fenced in area. In 2011, zoo toy train hit a man due to which he lost his life.