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The most preempted movie of Shah Rukh Khan in the year 2016 is Fan. The premier show has been launched in USA and also in some parts of the World. Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in dual role in the movie. Aryan and Gaurav are the names of the character of Shah Rukh Khan in the film. The main theme of the movie runs around the intellectual thriller.

Based on the premier show the review about the film is positive with unique drama and fantastic acting by Shah Rukh Khan and by Waluscha De Sousa. The Premier show is released in UK, Canada, US and UAE. From the report of Fan premier show here we are updating the review and rating of the movie along with public response and critics.

Shah Rukh Khan Fan Movie Review Rating

Fan Movie Review Rating
Fan Movie Review Rating

Coming to story of the movie, Gaurav which is the character enacted by Shah Rukh Khan is a big fan of Aryan Khanna. But there is some twist in the story that is Aryan Khanna wants to seize Gaurav. The remaining part of the story is not revealed because you will miss the fun. So to know what has happened you have to watch the movie in the theatres. The ending of the story is unique and is awesome. Another point is that by watching Fan movie we can understand that all the superstars are just like common man.

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Fan Movie Story

In brief the story revolves around Aryan (Shah Rukh Khan) who was a big superstar in the movie. Once he meets Gaurav (Shah Rukh Khan) who was a big fan of Aryan. Some unresolved issues gonna happen between them and it is not revealed. At the end there is a big fight between them and only one wins, you have to go to the movie and see who will win. This is the complete theme line of the film Fan.

The enthusiasm and passion towards the movie Fan is seen from advance ticket booking. Advanced booking for the film Fan started in India. Coming to its teaser, first look poster, songs and trailer is already a big hit. Some say that movie Fan is similar to the Hollywood movie, but it is a completely different story. We state that Fan movie is really awesome, mind blowing and Shah Rukh Khan gave a life time performance in this movie. One who loves watching movies have to watch this surely. It comes into the category of best films. The director Manish Malhotra have a perfect direction to this film and it is a 10/10 movie. By watching this film it gives a wonderful experience.

Fan Movie Public Response

The screenplay and dialogues are unique and is well refined. It is perfect and is well-suited for the movie. Habib Faisal is the person who gave amazing screenplay and dialogues for the movie. Out of 5 we give 4.5 star for this. The exposure and outlook of the movie is marvelous.

Fan Movie Review
Fan Movie Review

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Shah Rukh Khan Fan Movie Performance

Shah Rukh Khan who is well known as King Khan, once again proved as king of Bollywood. The performance and acting given by SRK is really extra-ordinary. Out of 5 we can give 5 stars for SRK’s performance (5/5). Fan team has done a excellent project which will win million of hearts in India and overseas.

Fan Movie Direction, Technical Review

Direction and screenplay is completely different and we can’t imagine what is going to happen next. They did a fabulous work and the whole team work hard for beautiful success. Climax 25 minutes of the movie is really wonderful and this will give a big hit to the movie. Rating for the direction is 4.5/5.

Shah Rukh Khan Fan Movie Critics Review

We did not receive any critics for this movie till now, if any we will update.

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Fan Movie Rating : 4/5

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