Sonia Gandhi Issues Summons To Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

At the point when Congress VP Rahul Gandhi went to the drought prone areas in Karnataka as of late, around 15 Ministers skipped meeting Rahul, showing that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has lost their faith. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has been summoned to New Delhi after Dussehra season a day after senior Congress leader S M Krishna notified party President Sonia Gandhi of the dissidence in Karnataka.

Sonia summons Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

When the party’s Vice President Rahul Gandhi visited drought hit areas in the state recently, the infighting in the Karnataka Congress went to the fore. A couple of MLAs even submitted update to Rahul looking for change of CM. Upwards of 15 ministers even skipped meeting Rahul, showing that Siddaramaiah has lost their confidence.

Sonia Gandhi had requested a nitty gritty status report from Krishna. Siddaramaiah has conferred many blunders in taking care of drought, power crisis, farmers issues and investors worries in the most recent two years. Siddaramaiah will need to do a great deal of clarifying said Congress source. There are speculations that Siddaramaiah may be replaced by year end as a result of his execution as the CM. This is for the second time in the most recent two months that Sonia Gandhi is summoning Siddaramaiah as a result of infighting in the party.