Every Man Has Two Wives Strange Village In India

There is a rare village in the Jaisalmer area of Rajasthan, where each male has two wives and two women with a consortium. One of the two runners in the Radioteok Basti in the Derasar village panchayat, a remote desert village in Jaisalmer area, According to the 2011 census in Randivoaki Basti, 946 people live. If the first wife is born, then the second wife of a second wife will surely have her husband. Apart from the two wives, they both live together in the same house and cook in the same kitchen and live with their husbands.

Minorities take two weddings in Jaisalmer and Barmer areas. It is common for them to have two wives for most of the Radioteok and Radioteo. There are two wives who are happy and unhappy with each other. There was not a dispute between the windows and between the brothers. Madrasa teacher Dosth Ali said that they all live together peacefully together. Muhammad Sheriff and Qasim of Basti have two wives. Muhammad Shareef’s first wife had no children, and he was married with two children. Maulvi Nishrukh Khan explained that the first wife of the first wife was Qasim and the second marriage was born.