Supreme Court Rejects Urge Seeking Ban On Animal Sacrifice

Declining to engross a request to boycott animal sacrifice amid religious celebrations over all groups, the Supreme Court said on Monday that it proved unable, for the purpose of societal parity and harmony , intercede in hundreds of years old traditions of religious beliefs and convention intended to mollify the Gods.

An Public Interest Litigation (PIL) appeal was documented by writer Varaaki provoked that “religion can’t be permitted to end up an instrument for sustaining untold torments on animals.

Supreme Court verdict on animal sacrifice

It fought that “belief, religion, traditions and practices ought not overshadow legal rights, human or creature.” This being valid for every religious community, whether it be “Durga pooja, the butcher of sheep for Easter, turkeys for Thanksgiving or goats for Bakrid, the petition stated.

The equilibrium and harmony of all beliefs, this court is certain to it. This, your appeal, puts forth summed up expressions on an, exceptionally delicate matter. We need to ignore hundreds of years and hundreds of years old customs, Chief Justice of India H.L. Dattu reacted to the entries made in the appeal by senior supporter Raju Ramachandran and advocate Sriram Parakkat.

The Chief Justice then indicated Section 28 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and observed that it was not an offence to murder a creature in a way needed by the religion of any group.

Nothing in this Section keeps a man from executing creatures as a feature of his convention, the Bench, likewise containing Justice Amitava Roy, watched.
These sacrifices regularly occur in full general visibility of children, and different animals, and in this manner, the same is a festival of primitive and old practices that have their establishment in superstition.”

Killing of a animals ought to be according to edified standards, via prepared butchers, with no superfluous agony brought about to the creature,” Mr. Ramachandran submitted.