Supreme Court To Deliver Verdict On Usage Of Aadhaar Card

The Supreme Court is keen to finalize usage of Aadhaar card can be utilized for services like opening new bank accounts, request for issuing new telephone connections immediate which a numerous number of notices have confronted the Unique Identity Programme , blaming it for encroaching on individuals’ security.

SC to deliver verdict on Aadhaar usage

In a series of related improvements, Supreme Court Constitutional bench has initiated additionally as of now debating whether protection is a fundamental right. During the previous rule , Apex court had stated that Aadhaar cards can be utilized just to get sponsorships under the Public Distribution Systems (PDS) for buying kerosene and LPG for households.

Central Government and its subsidiaries in Supreme Court have thoroughly engraved their voice for the flawless usage of Aadhar Cards to facilitate Government Schemes other than LPG and PDS ailments at the nearest reach of elderly citizens and weaker communities who cannot afford. Government has previously issued order on August 11th for limiting the usage of Aadhaar cards for PDS plan and LPG dissemination plan, which were confronted by some candidates on whose PILs the Apex Court had said these cards won’t be required for profiting advantages of welfare plans.

Supreme Court bench comprising of Justices J Chelameswar, SA Bobde and C Nagappan had already delivered their intent on pleas for exemption, any formidable changes to be carried out by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).