Taylor Swift Ruled MTV VMAs Winning 4 Awards Over 10 Nominations

Pop American superstar ‘Taylor Swift’ ruled MTV Video Music Awards winning four over massive 10 nominations enclosing rapper Nicki Minaj. Pounding Beyonce in two categories and beating former foe Nicki Minaj she won Best Female Video and Best Pop Video for her super hit ‘Blank Space.’

With Kendrick Lamar she even won Best Collaboration and Video of the Year for Bad Blood. Taylor made a surprising start to the award event joining brilliant Nicki, dressed in adorable red with inborn style stunningly gorgeous. Her hit record ‘Bad Blood’ was bust at the end of her opening.

Taylor won four MTV VMAs

Last month they were in the headlines after Nicki’s Anaconda progressed over the year nomination for video. Disapproval raised against her on her total black women figure where she said music industry tender only ‘very slim’ women. Her Best Hip Hop Video track won on Sunday. most nominated star ‘Ver Slim’ Taylor made her response to Nicki that “I’ve done nothing but love and support you” and made her invitation to share platform if she wins for her Bad Blood video on Sunday.

She retrograde and apologized Nicki two days later after Nicki saying that Taylor had spoke on depicting African American women. Pop diva Miley Cyrus was the host to Sunday night’s show who embellished red carpet in a dazzling outfit, where a top daily news quoted a name as ‘crotch chandelier.’

She said, “May be MTV figured the easiest way to keep me from performing was to ask me to host.”