Telangana CM KCR Hoists India’s Largest National Flag Video | CM KCR Excellent Speech

Telangana State is adorning to celebrate Telangana Formation day on June 2. Indeed, arrangements are going on at Hyderabad’s Sanjeevaiah Park were Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao unfolds the tallest tricolor flag at 303 feet on June 2, the day Telangana came into presence. While the Airports Authority of India has said it can’t allow the flag at a tallness more than 167 feet.

Telangana CM KCR Hoists India’s Largest National Flag Video

The contention is that a 300-foot flag will be a diversion for trainer and VIP aircraft that take off from the Hakimpet airport and Begumpet airport terminal in the heart of the city. The Telangana government, is very determined to lift even a 295-foot flag with the goal that it can beat the tricolor at Ranchi Pahari Mandir which stands 293 feet tall. The Ranchi tricolor was raised on this Republic Day in the same spot where the British used to dangle Indian freedom warriors.

Telangana India’s Biggest National Flag Photos

Indian Tallest National Flag Photo
Indian Tallest National Flag Photo
Telangana Biggest National Flag Photos (1)
Telangana Biggest National Flag Photos
Telangana National Flag Photos
Telangana National Flag Photos
Telangana Tallest National Flag Photo
Telangana Tallest National Flag Photo

Arrangements are still on to determine the tallness of the pole in Hyderabad. The TRS leader AP Jitender Reddy told, We have consented to lessen the height however an official decision is yet to be taken.

India’s Largest Flag Telangana Photos

Regardless of the possibility that the Telangana government adheres to its weapons, it will stay in the record books for a seven months as the Border Security Force will introduce a 350-foot high national flag at the Wagah border in January 2017. The thought is to guarantee the flag is noticeable from both Amritsar and Lahore.

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In the mean time, work is on at the Sanjeevaiah Park to get the 92 kg flag to hoist up. It is striving to hoist flag at 72×108 feet which will be India’s biggest flag.

India’s Largest Tricolor National Flag In Telangana

The Roads and Buildings division that is responsible for the undertaking has given the contract to the Kolkata-based company Skipper. The task will cost Rs.1.8 crore rupees and the essential flag being made of polyester brought from Mumbai. Four extra flags have been sourced to deal with damage or replacement.

TelanganaTricolor Flag Place Photos video

The arrangement on June 2 is great and extravagant. There will be people gathered on buildings and homes all across the Hussain Sagar lake to watch the National flag. The ideology is to lift the status of June 2 as a vital date in Telangana calendar and to festive celebration atmosphere like on Republic Day and Independence Day.

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Telangana Tallest National Flag Map Route

Sanjeevaiah Park is one of the most prominent park in the city which maintained well. City officials trust keeping the park sufficiently bright, even the night, for the Indian flag to hoist. Park might be transformed into a noteworthy tourist destination.

Largest National Flags In India

Raipur, Chhattisgarh: 82m high, 105 feet x 70 feet at Raipur’s Marine Drive in Chhattisgarh.

                      Raipur Chhattisgarh Indian flag photo

Ranchi, Jharkhand: 66 feet in height, 99 feet in width and stands on a 293 feet tall pole at the historical Pahari Mandir.

Ranchi Jharkhand Indian Flag Photo

Faridabad, Haryana: 250 ft high pole, 96 ft X 64 ft in dimension in 2015 at Faridabad’s Town Park .

                                  Faridabad Haryana Tallest Indian flag photo

New Delhi: measuring 90 feet by 60 feet on a pole 207 feet high at Delhi’s Central Park in Connaught Place in 2014.


Telangana : 290 feetIndia’s Tallest National flag At Sanjeevaiah Park, Hyderabad

Watch CM KCR hoists Tallest Indian National flag at Sanjeevaiah Park, hyderabad

Telangana Biggest National Flag Photos (1)
Telangana Biggest National Flag Photos

Watch Largest India National Flag Video Telangana


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