Telangana Samagra Kutumba Survey Enters Limca Book Of Records

Samagra Kutumba Survey which was Organised by Telangana State Government achieved great honor by entering in to Limca Book Of Records for successfully accomplishing targeted survey with in a day visiting 1.09 Lakh houses. It took 4 Lakh employees to complete the survey on a single day from early morning 7AM to Night 8PM entering House member Names, Age, Educational Details, Aadhar Number, Bank Account, Property Details etc.

Samagra Kutumba Survey Enters Limca book of Records

The main target of Samagra Kutumba Survey (Intensive Household Survey 2014) is to stretch out government plans/schemes to poor and needy people. Aside from stretching out support to poor and needy people, the Survey focus is to achieve Bangaru Telangana which was promised by TS govt.

Telangana Intensive Household Survey Enters Limca book of Records

The survey entered into Limca Book Of Records to finish the process in only one day to remove scope for acts of negligence. This is only a socio ­economic overview of populace of Telangana with the goal that organization could step for viable execution of government plans or schemes in the following five years.

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The survey is implied just to make a correct and a fresh database of all family units in Telangana state so that the misuse and deformity in the welfare plans are checked and spurious recipients can be expelled from getting advantages of welfare schemes. The detailed information from the survey would help the govt in drafting its approaches and schemes and to guarantee that the benefits reach to the focused section of people. This socio monetary survey is to get in to the social and economical status of the people.

Samagra Kutumba Survey Enters Limca Book Of Records

TS Samagra Kutumba Survey Limca Book Of Records
TS Samagra Kutumba Survey Limca Book Of Records

In this survey, four lakh government representatives in Telangana including police in common dress visited every family in the state to gather the details of Telangana People. In view of the information outfitted by the people, the govt administration will get to the income and financial status of household taking into account of resources and identify the beneficiaries for housing, white ration cards, fee reimbursement, pension and so on. It is likewise said that who outfit false information are obligated for prosecution. The Telangana State Samagra Kutumba Survey (TSKS) is to get in to the situations of social orders and to give benefits to the needy people. This might be a greatest achievement for Telangana Govt to enter Limca Book of Records under KCR Administration.