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Thithi is a Upcoming Kannada film written and directed by Raam Reddy. The features non professional actors brought from the village in the Mandya region of Karnataka. The film is a cheerful tale that runs around three generations of men responding to the death of their 101-year old grandfather. The film is co-creation of India& America Production together delivered by Sunmin Park from Max Media and Pratap Reddy from Prspctvs Productions. Check Out Thithi Kannada Movie Review Rating Public Talk.

Thithi Movie Review Rating

Thithi is a dramatic comedy drama about how three eras of children respond to the death of the grand daddy in their tribe, a man with a name Century Gowda who is locally eminent, highly obstinate 101-year-old man.The story is set in a remote village in South India, the three storylines interweave before meeting at Century Gowda’s thithi the last funeral memorial which is done 11 days after a death passing. Know Thithi Kannada Movie Rating.

Thithi Movie Review
Thithi Movie Review

Thithi Movie Cast & Crew

  • Director: Raam Reddy
  • Producer: Pratap Reddy, Sunmin Park
  • Screenplay: Eregowda, Raam Reddy
  • Story: Raam Reddy
  • Starring: Thammegowda S., Channegowda, Abhishek H. N., Pooja S. M.
  • Cinematography: Doron Tempert
  • Editor: John Zimmerman, Raam Reddy
  • Production company: Prspctvs Productions Maxmedia
  • Release Date: 6 May 2016 (Karnataka)
  • Release Date At Locarno Film Festival: 10 August 2015
  • Running time: 120 minutes
  • Language: Kannada

Thithi Movie Story

Thithi is a sentimental comedy entertainer about how three generations of sons reacting to the death of the grand father Century Gowda in their village. The old man is aged 101-years. The first scene shows 101 year old Gowda looking at the changed villagers passing before him pretend unusual, sets the tempo raises the curiosity of the audience watching the film.

The story spins around three eras. Century Gowda’s eldest son, Gadappa that truly means Beard Man, is himself somewhat old man who invests his time apathetically roaming in the villages fields, puffing cheap cigarettes and drinking brandy. Gadappa’s significantly more materialistic son, Thamanna, plots to wrongfully sell Century Gowda’s five-acre of land property, despite the fact that the area authoritatively belongs to his father. In the meantime, Thamanna’s another son Abhi, shows his responsibility to persistently follow after a shepherd young girl.

Thithi Movie Audience Response

People must accept that a film which has gained a score of 10 on the festival circuit might not captivate or entertain the audience in filmi sense, yet that is the place the excellence of this story lies. Despite the fact that the non actors and film setting may not be economically attractive, the film has all that it takes to bring out laughter among the viewers. It may be effortlessly one of the best Kannada movies that has released in the current years.

The film highlights the nativity of local district and the thithi ceremony may be natural for the way of life in Mandya, the feelings, emotions and laughter makes the movie good in its own sense. It may remind you the comic drama The Gods Must Be Crazy. Thithi is a film that gains victory with smart narrative thoughts and feel good entertainer.

Thithi Movie Hit or Flop


Thithi Movie Rating : 4/5

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