Torrentz Proxy 2019 – Torrentz Unblocked Mirror Sites List

Torrentz – One of the popular site in the torrent search engine where you can download your favorite movies, animes, and series. It is designed with a simple interface and easy for users to use this website. The user can find their own file as well as BitTorrents from other torrent sites. Thats why billions of internet users are using this in all around the world. Also within a short time, it had become the most popular torrent site.

Torrentz Proxy 2019

Torrentz Proxy
Torrentz Proxy

When compared with different torrent sites, Torrentz had never been banned. Because it is the owner’s decision to stop it down. After stopping also users can download their file and others in proxy sites.

Unblock Torrentz 

As these sites provide some illegal or pirated content then there is a risk of site. So the government or internet service providers will ban the sites. But Torrentz had never provided pirated content to its users. If they provide unrelated data then it will automatically be banned by services providers.

You don’t worry if they banned then you can use Torrentz proxy and mirror sites to access and download your favorite content by using the internet. With the help of proxy, you can directly access the content form main website without any disturbance and with high speed.

What Are Torrentz Proxy & Mirror Sites  

By using Torrentz proxy and mirror sites you can easily access and download your favorite movies and TV shows. Now we are providing a list of Torrentz Proxy and mirror websites. By using this you can download the content without using any tricks. Not with proxy and mirror sites you can also download the content using VPN through that main website with high quality. Those entire proxy and Mirror lists are listed here:

Torrentz Unblocked Mirror Sites List
Torrentz Unblocked Mirror Sites List
Torrentz proxy/ Mirror Sites     Status        Speed  Online Very Fast Online Fast Online Normal Online Fast Online Very Fast Online Normal
Torrentz Search Engine Proxy Online Very Fast
Torrent Unblocked Online Fast Online Very Fast working Normal Normal Normal Normal
Torrentz2 Unblock Fast
Torrentz Proxy Site FAst

How Does Torrentz Works

The Users get many problems while using other torrent sites. But when they use Torrentz site you never get any problems and issues while downloading software, movies and many more. It is never got banned by any authorities. This website is most suitable for users to download online latest movies and TV shows without any interrupt.

If you want to download any movies then you need to enter the movies in a search bar and then it displays the download link on the page. Based on your related link you can choose and download the high-quality digital content.


We found many websites but Torrentz is the best torrent website. And also all Torrentz proxy and mirror sites are listed above. By reading this article you get the information about why the Torrentz is banned and also working of the site. So stay tuned to to receive all the entertainment updates.