Karnataka Govt Honored Transgender Akkai With Rajyotsava Award

Akkai Padmashali has been granted the Karnataka Rajyotsava Award by the state government. This is the first time that a transgender has been offered this grant. Born as Jagadish and today known as Akkai Padmashali, she has been battling for LGBT rights and the acknowledgment of her community. The Karnataka government gave the award in acknowledgement of her work. Begin a transgender, she has been given with this prestigious award for the recognition of her work.

First Transgender To Receive Rajyotsava Award

As indicated by a report, Akkai confronted sexual violence and even turned into a sex worker before she chose to take a shot at changing the lives of sexual minorities. She worked with a local NGO rang Sangama before setting Ondede (merging), an association to make awareness about sexuality, sexual assorted qualities and the privilege to pick one’s sexual introduction.

Jagdish alias Akkai Padmashali has been awarded Rajyotsava Award, the second most noteworthy civilian honor of Karnataka state. When asked her life as a child, she said that her childhood was a traumatic experience, yet it was her strength to fight that gave her boldness to uncover her personality. She was likewise subjected to sexual violence and was constrained to work as sex laborer for four years. About meeting Akkai with the award the state Kannada and Culture Minister Umashree said, this is the first year I think in India we have given the award for transgenders who are battling to come into the standard and lead a decent life.