Vikram Spirit Of Chennai Official Music Video Watch

Chiyaan Vikram, Kollywood superstar contributed big for Chennai flood victims delivering a flood relief anthem titled “Spirit of Chennai” saluting all volunteers by dedicating this tribute to all. It was directed by actor himself, and the music was scored by C Girinandh.

Vikram Spirit Of Chennai Official Music Video

The Anthem was sung by more than 20 singers including Chinmayi and Shakthishree Gopalan, who have loaned their voices for this extraordinary track. Rokesh, Gana Bala and Madhan Karky have inked the lyrics and Vijay Milton has taken care of the camera.

Spirit Of Chennai Official Music Video

Vikram Flood Relief Anthem Spirit Of Chennai Video Watch

The earlier released video clips shows the shocking impact of the flood that occurred in Chennai. But the reason behind the anthem is not to display the misfortune, yet rather to show the soul of the general people who slice every single barriers to support each other amid such unfortunate times. The next video clip has been launched today on YouTube.

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Vikram directed the video, which highlights real legends those who influenced by the floods apart from film stars not only from the Tamil film industry as well as the Telugu, Hindi Kannada, and Malayalam film industries too. The video has been launched on YouTube today and will try to honor mankind.

Chiyaan Vikram Spirit Of Chennai Video Watch

Vikram Spirit Of Chennai Video Watch

Vikram conveyed “What touched me was that regardless of being struck by such a natural disaster, the support we reached out to each other and the way we overcame it was astonishing. That soul ran over and I wanted to acknowledge it,” and included, “I spoke to Giri about this and he scored the music for this song only in a day.” Talking about the extraordinary screening of the video, Vikram said that he was propelled to think of the idea after he saw an occurrence soon after the rains. Specifically Vikram talked about a child Siddharth, who becomes the focus in the video. Vikram said that the kid, in spite of falling sick while shooting the video, courageously finished his bits. Siddharth was likewise introduced with the media as a child wonder in mathematics on the event.

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Vikram Spirit Of Chennai Flood Relief Anthem Video

Vikram expressed he couldn’t have rendered this without the support of his whole group including cinematographers Vijay Milton and Om Prakash, music director Girinandh, lyricist Madhan Karky and his assistant directors and all the stars who took time for this video execution taking out their precious time and has been a part of the video.

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