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Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Movie Review: Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku is a Latest Tamil movie coming in to audience on 10 June 2016. Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku movie comes under psycho thriller genre. It is mutually delivered by Loganathan and ISR Selvakumar under L9 & ISR banners. The music director T.S.Muralidharan who composed music for the film Sri in 2002 starring Suriya, is back in this film as an actor and director with new name, Ramanathan K. Bagavathi. Debutant actress Sowra Syed has played as female lead. Rajesh Katamkot has taken care of the cinematography. Check Out Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Movie Review Rating Public Talk here.

Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Movie Review Rating

Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Review
Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Review

The complete shooting part has been done in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. The title of the movie is taken from famous song Paayum Oli Nee Enakku written by Mahakavi Bharathiyar. The movie creators have used the same tune in this film with few modifications as per the latest trend scored by Vivek Narayanan. Look at Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Movie Rating.

Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku
Language Tamil
Director Ramanathan K. Bagavathi
Producer Loganathan & ISR Selvakumar
Production Company L9 & ISR Banner
Star Cast Ramanathan K. Bagavathi, Sowra Syed
Music Vivek Narayanan
Cinematography Rajesh Katamkot
Release Date 10th June 2016

Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Movie Story

The whole film rotates around two people with different points of view. The movie brings two stubborn characters and portrays the consequence when they happen to involve in love. The movie is a psycho-thriller and increases eagerness in the audience watching the film. The movie particularly doesn’t have hero and heroine however there are two main characters, one male and one female, who can be termed as the main lead actors yet they haven’t been appeared in regular style.

Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Movie Public Talk

Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Movie may attract audience who mostly like psychopathic genre. The main leads are of two different characters who does not have same view at a particular situation. Though the duo fell in love with each other and the enthusiasm of movie watchers increases when the situations they combinedly face with each other. Audience may keep on guessing what may happen next intensifying the eagerness. The people who like to watch thriller oriented movies may like this film.

Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Movie Review & Rating 

Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Movie Review Hit
Vitthaiyadi Naanunakku Movie Rating 2.5/5