Want Complete Ban Of Beef , VHP Chief Surendra Jain

Vishwa Hindu Parishad senior leader Surendra Jain on Sunday had provoked that their party won’t be allowing cow slaughter through out India.

“We want a complete ban on eating beef. Since Hindus worship cows we will not allow it to be slaughtered,” Mr.Jain stated.

VHP wants complete Beef ban

Nonetheless, he cleared up that his organisation doesn’t withstand to any resentment against non-vegetarians, and will not force individuals to change their eating habits.

Jain has spoken to media, I admit that more than 70 percent of people in India consume Non-vegetarian food including Hindus. Our party is against cow-slaughter as they are considered as per Hindu mythology, Cows are a matter of faith for us. During the Britishers time when cartridges were greased with cow fat, Indians started protesting against British rule as cows have been considered for Hindus.

“Any endeavor to hurt Hindu pride will be stood up to. Since antiquated times, penances have been made to ensure dairy animals and subsequently nobody ought to have any uncertainty on the issue,” Jain included.

Reporting the unit’s initiation to set up security covers in all parts of the nation he likewise requested that senior UP Minister Azam Khan to be tried for rebellion for keeping in touch with the United Nations on Dadri lynching.