Top 10 Most Misunderstood Emojis

Laughing Face with Tears - A genuine expression of laughter, while others view it as an outdated or sarcastic reaction

Dashing Away - Commonly intended to signify speed or motion, it is often mistaken for a fart emoji

Head Shaking Horizontally - Designed to indicate "no" or disapproval, it can be confused with a gesture of dizziness or even a happy motion by some users

Head Shaking Vertically - Intended to mean "yes" or agreement, it sometimes gets interpreted as a sign of sleepiness

Phoenix - Meant to represent rebirth or renewal, but it is frequently misinterpreted as a flaming bird or even a metaphor for something on fire 

Nail Polish - While generally used to show confidence or nonchalance, it often confuses users who misinterpret it as only relating to actual nail care

Peach - Frequently used to represent a butt in a playful or flirty manner, but some users still see it merely as a fruit

upside-down face - Often intended to convey sarcasm or irony, it is frequently misunderstood as simply a silly or goofy expression

Clown Face - Meant to depict a literal clown, it is often used to call someone foolish or describe a ridiculous situation, leading to confusion

Eggplant - Often used in a sexual context due to its shape, it still confuses many who take it at face value as just a vegetable