Would Like To Do Television Fiction Series, Farhan Akhtar

From directing a blockbuster like ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ to turning into a rockstar with musical ‘Rock On!!’ and wearing the running shoes as Milkha Singh, Farhan Akhtar has tasted achievement in his diverse tries and the actor filmmaker now wishes to make a fiction TV show. The 41-year-old multi-faceted entertainer, who will soon be seen as the host in the Indian rendition of a big name reality show ‘I Can Do That’, considers TV a capable medium.

Fiction Show on Television

At the launch of ‘I Can Do That’ he said, I can make a fiction show for TV sometime in the future. I am interested to experiment. I can’t say that I have anything solid that I can impart to you, however the truth of the matter is that TV is a capable medium that goes straightforwardly to everybody’s home. Possibility I may concoct a fiction.

Presently things are diverse for the National award winning director as he is prepared for his new role as a show host and being involved with his film responsibilities does not prevent him from taking up this energizing TV task. On being asked whether there is a weight of getting compared with ‘BiggBoss’ host superstar Salman Khan, Farhan said the main thing that bothers him is obligation he has towards the appear.

He continued saying, I don’t get bothered by different shows running on some other channel that are hosted by celebrities. The main pressure on me is that the show does well. I have an obligation towards the contenders along with the show. I want it to be entertaining and amusing to watch. Lay relies on upon viewers what they need to see or take after. I would prefer not to remark another person’s show. It doesn’t make an alternate to me.