Zamunda Proxy 2019 & Zamunda Unblocked Mirror Sites Updated List

Zamunda Proxy – A popular torrent site and most visited in Bulgaria. In this, the user can share their information and download using the peer to peer exchange network. It consists of Bulgaria stuff to watch. This was started in 2011 and attracted by many users from all over the world. In the starting days it asked for the registration login but then it became free to use.

Zamunda Proxy 2019

As every torrent site, even Zamunda Proxy had also undergone with the copyrights and piracy content. The content links come in the torrent files which can be downloaded by the uTorrent in your computer. So, make sure you have a one in your PC.

Zamunda Proxy
Zamunda Proxy

The Zamunda Proxy was blocked when it started up to boost and disappointed many of the Bulgaria stuff followers. Though it was blocked the team did not down its users. It started a clone website which consists of the same content and torrent files. They also started the mirror sites with the latest content for easy access.

                          Unblock Zamunda Proxy Sites 2019                   

As every website contains the piracy content. So Zamunda Proxy also undergone the government rules and the website was blocked. The clone website which came as an alternative and the other methods helped to unblock the proxy site. It is one of the torrent sites which have a great and strong team to support. The team created the clone and mirror websites to access the information and download from the proxy site. Also check isoHunt Proxy 219 here.

If you are facing a problem in accessing the Zamunda Proxy website then this article will help you to known the unblocking methods to stream the Zamunda Proxy and use.There are mirror sites which are created by the team to get access. We also had the VPN through which we can get and watch the content in the website. The below-given list is the mirror sites.

List Of Zamunda Proxy Mirror Sites

Site Name Speed Status Moderate Online Very Fast Working Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Moderate Working Fast Working Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Moderate Working


The mirror sites mentioned above will make sure that you get your favorite content. We give you best 10 mirror sites which are online every time and give you the best results.

Methods To Unblock Zamunda Proxy

There are other methods to unblock the Zamunda Proxy by hiding your IP address. Directly by using the IP address, we can access it by IP address using the host files of your windows. To access the main site the computer has to known the IP address of Zamunda site. There are website blockers which mislead your computer about the IP address it has to know. For this, we need to use a predefined IP address. If you are using the VPN then change your location as Bulgaria to get the good results from the website.

Zamunda Proxy Screenshot
Zamunda Proxy Screenshot


We gave you information about the Zamunda Proxy website and the blocking reasons and the unblocking methods. We mentioned a list of mirror sites which will be very helpful to you to access the proxy site. Also check Timesalert to know few more Torrent sites which help its users to watch all the latest movies and TV Shows.


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