Zuckerberg To Answer Q&A Session At IIT Delhi

Facebook’s Townhall is a customary event, however it’s making waves in India in light of the fact that the organization’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is in Delhi holding the Question and answer session in the IIT-Delhi grounds. The townhall is scheduled on Wednesday to hold a Q&A session with the students and to join with Indians, whom he portrayed as a phenomenal amongst the most dynamic and drew in communities on Facebook.

Zuckerberg at IIT Delhi Town Hall Q&A

During last month Zuckerberg had taken part in another townhall, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Zuckerberg’s visit to India comes during a period when the open deliberation about net neutrality is at a high-point here, and Facebook has additionally been unequivocally supporting the government in India, with advertisements over TV, and promotions on Facebook too.

At the townhall, Zuckerberg will answer questions which were posted on his Facebook profile, however having a glance at the post, a percentage of the top questions might incorporate one where a user needs to know how to stop Candy Crush requests. Zuckerberg will likewise be nothing select pre-screened questions from the students at IIT-Delhi.

His visit has mixed up the net neutrality discussion in India, not long after Facebook’s Internet.org was renamed to Free Basics. A large portion of the worries about internet fairness stay set up on the other hand, alongside inquiries regarding protection and security when utilizing Facebook’s zero-appraised platform. In any case, it is not clear right now if Zuckerberg will specifically address these issues or not at the townhall exchange.