CM Rise Digital Shikshan Prashikshan – Teacher Training Certificate Download

CM’s rise digital Shikshan prashikshan program is introduced by the Madhya Pradesh education system. This program is launched in collaboration with other educational institutes. Cm rise in digital training programs is introduced to help teachers to enhance their teaching skills. The government of Madhya Pradesh has taken a step towards training students and teachers digitally. It is to improve the way of teaching so that students can get a better experience of learning.

CM Rise Digital Shikshan Prashikshan

According to instruction released by the MP Education department, class 1 – 12 teachers have to join this program. CM’s rise in digital training program is very helpful and beneficial for all the teachers. And it is instructed that every school teacher of MP state has to join the program. The program is providing teachers with online training videos. There are some stages of training, which the teacher has to complete.

CM Rise Digital Shikshan Prashikshan

There are different modules, and teachers are instructed to complete the modules to access certificates. Teachers have to download the Diksha app (available on the play store) to register and download a training certificate.

How to Register For MP CM Rise Digital Shikshan Prashikshan

CM rise the digital Shikshan prashikshan program is for the school teachers of MP state. The education department has introduced this program to train teachers and enhance their skills. MP state school teachers have to register for the program and get their training certificate. Firstly, teachers have to fill an online form. The link to the form has been provided to the teachers by the education department.

An online form is in two parts, first part comprises of 10 questions, which are basic information. And the second part is about your thoughts on teaching and it comprises of 40 questions. So combining both the parts, there are 50 questions.

The form asks for details like a unique ID, School name, district, age, post, education qualification, etc. Teachers have to fill the form correctly. After entering all the required details you have to submit the form. This was the first step towards joining the training program. The next step is to download the Diksha app which is available on the play store. Teachers have to make an account on the Diksha app and log in to access the modules.

Online form link –

Diksha app –

How to login in diksha app

Teachers have to download the Diksha app to complete their training programs. All the modules are provided in the Diksha app. And after completing modules teachers can download their training certificate. Teachers have to download their certificates from the Diksha app. So to start a training program, teachers have to login in Diksha app. Here are the steps to login:

  1. First, download the Diksha app from the play store or click on this link
  2. After downloading, you have to login in Diksha app. To login select “login with state system” a green color button.
  3. Now select the state, and tap on the “submit” button
  4. Next, you have to log in to the Diksha app by entering your unique id and password.
  5. After login, choose your state, district, and select the classes you teach.
  6. Now you will see your profile you can access the modules.

Diksha App

How to download CM rise digital certificate

CM rise in digital Shikshan prashikshan program Madhya Pradesh helps teachers to digitalize their teaching ways. It is important to keep students focused while teaching them online. This program is to enhance the skills of teachers by watching videos of teaching concepts. To get your certificate, you have to complete modules videos. Follow the below-given steps to download the certificate

  1. Go to your Diksha app
  2. Login to the Diksha app using your unique id and password
  3. You will see your profile on the screen, select “training”
  4. Now, search for CM rise. There are two videos in this, after watching both the videos click on exit.
  5. A screen will appear showing you have completed your CM rise training.
  6. Now, go to your profile and your completed training will appear.
  7. Click on the “download” button. Your certificate of the training downloaded to your device.
  8. Note you have to complete 100% of a module to get its certificate. Try to watch as many videos as you can. As several certificates depend on the number of modules you watch. For more updates check Timesalert.

Parts of module

To access the certificate teachers have to watch videos. The modules designed in three parts. All the parts contain videos according to the module. But at first, it has a module introduction. The three parts of the module are:

  • Pre-work
  • Module session
  • Post work

The objective of the CM rise digital teacher training program

  • CM rise digital teacher training program focuses to enhance the teaching skills of teachers.
  • This program makes collaboration with other educational institutions to prepare new teaching material.
  • It designed in a way that teachers could learn and teach the classes in an easy way.
  • This program designed in a way that teachers get the necessity of the state and prepare the modules.
  • It offers video classes for teachers to digitalize their teaching ways.
  • This program helps them to teach students in a better and interesting way.


CM rise Shiksha prashikshan (teacher training) program introduced by the MP education system. The platform launched to enhance the teaching skills of school Teachers of Madhya Pradesh.

All the school teachers instructed to register for this training program. This training program provides teachers with online training videos. Teachers have to complete the modules to get their certificates. The module divided into 3 parts Pre-work, Module session, and Postwork which teachers have to complete.

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