Terms and Conditions

Before accessing information on ‘Timesalert‘, we recommend our visitors to carefully go through our guidelines. We expect our users to be well aware of terms of service of the website. Any sort of objections with our terms can be popped to us without any discretion. Our team will interact with you if users are facing difficulties regarding any issue.

1. Right to change Policy:

Working on news portal is an ongoing process and we will be constantly updating new modules into our process as need arises. To excel in progress we will parallely change our old rules with new ones. During such situations, we have the right to change privileges when needed. We will be periodically updating our policies and recommend our users to keep track of changes on the web site at regular time intervals. Once you access our website you are liable to our terms and conditions.

2. Privacy Policy

timesalert.com prime motto is to serve our customers and thereby protecting their privacy. We regularly tune our processes to give the best support and services to our clients. We strictly follow our rules and can take measures if found any offensive actions over the website.

3. Exclusions and Limitations:

Some organizations do not entertain limitations or even abide by warranties which might cause damage. Which means most of the speculations will not be appropriate to users. Everything featured on website is gathered based on various guidelines, here are some points which we follow-

* Elimination of all the depiction and warranties in accordance with our website’s content that provided by other sources.

* As a news publishing portal, we have provided some official statements with-out changing the actual wording. We bear no responsibility if anyone claims of its credibility.

*The above exclusions and limitations be relevant only to the level permitted by law. None of your legislative rights as a consumer are affected.

4. Third-Party Content

This website sometimes relies on content provided by some third party links or content from those sites. External links are provided with an intention to give a more formidable information to the users. We do not refer our users to follow external links and bear no responsibility for third party actions. We recommend reviewing privacy policies of such websites before proceeding.

5. Availability:

Republication or redeployment of any data published on our website is strictly content is prohibited. We do not provide the guarantee of services offered on the website, and same projects in terms of advertisements as well. If you ever feel to extract information from our website, please make sure you are doing so at your own risk.

6. Internal and external links:

We do provide some internal links referring to our website for the readability of users and sometimes external links as well. Links are provided to provide exact information on the issue, Our website will bear no responsibility in the context that you are misled incorrectly. Same thing applies if anyone back links our website pages into their portal without our consent.

7. Intellectual Property; License:

Information featured on the website relating to content, data, layouts, code and other services are protected by the intellectual property as well as other laws. Everyone who uses our website should comply with copyright and all such laws, trademark or another legal notices or limitations.

Relating to such concerns, one can obtain and use the services just for the sake of own personal private, non-commercial uses only. Users are restricted to and are abide by our rights in terms of Content and the Services, and are not otherwise copy, reproduce, distribute, print, exhibit, perform or create derivative works of these without our consent.

8. Communication:

We have got a separate set of the E-mail address for replying user queries, contact information regarding our website and other means of communication are state in the links provided in Contact us page.

9. User Submissions:

Some of our services will be providing facility to users to transfer information to the website. Make sure information sent to us is in context with information provided on the website.

10. Miscellaneous:

Once users register with us entering their information if any of the provided data falls short of ‘Terms & Conditions provided here’ are strictly considered invalid, and extent of the law can remain minimal extent or in full force and effect.