Top 5 Questions Regarding Microsoft MB-210 Exam Details and Sample Practice Tests

Dynamics 365 is among the sought-after products offered by Microsoft. It utilized in various companies across the world. Dynamics 365 has become very popular in current-age organizations because of its benefits. You require proper skills to use this product to provide solutions. And these skills can be proved by obtaining the IT certifications, such as

Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate. It is where the Microsoft MB‑210 exam comes upon the stage. You have to pass two tests, MB-200 and MB-210, to get the credential. In this article, we will concentrate on Microsoft MB-210 that deals with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Let’s take a look at the necessary details of this test.

What is Microsoft MB-210 exam?

Microsoft MB-210, which is also known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, certifies one’s knowledge and skills to use, implement, support, and maintain Microsoft Dynamics 365. The candidates apply solutions that support the sales life cycle to run effectively to meet revenue targets and business strategies, as well as company objectives. This exam measures the individual’s skills in core sales entities management and configuration performance.

What is the format of Microsoft MB-210 exam?

Let’s explore more details related to this certification test and its structure.

  • Number of questions

Microsoft MB-210 consists of between 40 and 60 questions. The amount may vary from one delivery of the exam to another. Microsoft doesn’t share the information about the exact numbers because of its policy. But generally, you should expect to find a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 60. The time allocated for you to complete this test is 120 or 150 minutes, depending on the way that you chose to take. The extra 30 minutes are for those students who will take Microsoft MB-210 at the testing centre.

  • Types of questions

Microsoft MB-210 features various question formats. They may be of the following types: case studies, build a list, fill‑in-the-blank, active screen, best answer, hot area, multiple-choice, and others.

  • Passing score and pricing

The passing score for Microsoft MB-210 is 700 points out of 1000. And, just like many other certification exams offered by this vendor for the Associate level, this test costs $165. The fee that the students from the USA are required to pay. However, pricing may change in your country due to taxation.

Which skills measured in Microsoft MB-210 exam?

Microsoft MB-210 measures a range of skills. They grouped into three categories:

  • Perform configuration;
  • Operate core sales entities;
  • Operate sales entities.

All these topics cover different skills that include the configuration of sales settings, sales territories, fiscal year, relationship cards, goal management components, sales team roles, and more. As well as different processes such as record creation rules and out-of-the-box sales process flow of a business.

To get the required knowledge, you need to learn how to configure integration with external sales applications and sales visualizations. It is also vital to create and manage opportunities, leads, quotes, processing of sales orders, and product catalogue. Please also consider studying the ways of implementing LinkedIn sales navigator, social selling assistant, and sales insights.

Some of the other abilities that you need to obtain are configuring status reports, editing quotes in various stages, creating and managing invoices, configuring unit groups, and so on. Find a full list of exam content on the official website.

Who should take Microsoft MB-210 exam?

Microsoft MB-210 designed for those individuals who have expertise in sales. These Dynamics 365 functional consultants are those who tasked with the implementation of solutions. They support the sales life cycle to run effectively and efficiently to meet business strategies, revenue targets, and company objectives.

The candidates are also responsible for expanding and configuring the core functionality of Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, and supporting entities to ensure that sales processes are in place for the company. These individuals identify the opportunities of using power applications to develop a combined experience for all devices, and business process flows, power automates for app integration and other automation tools for constructing an app that supports and also accelerates Leads. The applicants for this exam are required to have in-depth business expertise and first-person experience (if possible) in the world of sales in one sales role.

What is Microsoft MB-210 exam retake policy?

If you fail to get the passing score, you can retake the test without necessarily having to wait for any specific number of days. You only need to wait for 24 hours. It is possible if you have failed at your first attempt. In case you fail twice, you will have to wait for a minimum of 14 days before you can be allowed to give your exam one more try. It is also true for your third, fourth, and fifth retake. As you can take this opportunity only five times, you need to submit a letter to the specific e-mail to be able to take another round.


If you want to be proficient in using the Dynamics 365 products and certify your skills, one considers taking the Microsoft MB-210 exam. Now that you know what this certification test entails, you may consider beginning your preparation so you can clear it and earn your certificate as soon as possible. We highly recommend that you visit the Prepaway website as there is a whole bundle of study materials that are verified by the IT experts.

They are blog articles, exam dumps, video courses, practise tests, study guides, and so on. And, of course, you can get some options from the recommendations that Microsoft offers on its site. Thus, you will have all the resources you need to study for your MB-210 test.

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