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YSR Sports Incentive Scheme has launched by the Andhra Pradesh government to support the sports athletes.  Through this scheme, the government gives the modern types of equipment for their training — the project developed by the sports minister of AP, which enhance the potential of the sports stars. For offering the proper training to the Indian athletes, the state government of Andhra Pradesh launched this Sports Incentive Scheme. The eligible athletes can apply for this scheme and experience all the advantages. Through this article, we inform you about the AP YSR Sports Incentive eligibility, required documents, and application procedure.

YSR Sports Incentive Scheme

In India, lots of talented athletes are there. All athletes participate in several national and international sporting events. Sometimes they have failed to win and perform very poorly due to lack of proper training. So, the government of Andhra Pradesh developed a scheme for giving adequate training to the athletes. In September 2019, the sports minister of AP announced the YSR Sports Incentive Scheme publically. Through the scheme, an athlete will have the opportunity for their proper training, and the government will give them the best sports equipment for their practice. The best plan for developing the athlete’s potential and makes them ready for national and international events.

YSR Sports Incentive SchemeIn 2019, the Andhra Pradesh Government announced three schemes for the citizen of AP, such as the YSR Sports Incentive Scheme, YSR Pelli Kanuka and YSR Arthika Pathakam Scheme. The YSR Incentive is for the athletes of the state. Through the scheme, the applied candidates can get the opportunity for having the best sports training with best sports types of equipment. The project has its official website, through the interested candidates can apply. Before applying for the AP YSR Sports Incentive Scheme, the interested athletes has to fulfil the eligibility conditions, which has set by the AP Sports Minister.

YSR Sports Scheme Details

The cabinet of AP has approved three welfare schemes, which are YSR Sports Incentive Scheme, YSR Pelli Kanuka and YSR Arthika Pathakam. The government has financial assistance schemes for various section of society of AP. The AP Sports Incentive program is a scheme through which the sports-person will receive the cash prize as their award. Also, they will get the best training from the best coach.

Name YSR Sports Incentive Scheme
State Andhra Pradesh
Launched By YS Jaganmohan Reddy
Announced September 2019
Supports Talented Athletes in AP
Supervised By AP Sports Minister

YSR Sports Incentive Benefits

Through this AP Sports Incentive Scheme, the athletes from the AP state will get many opportunities for developing their potential and can improve their sports skills. By launching this, the government took a significant step towards the development of the athletes. Some of the AP YSR Sports Incentive Scheme benefits are;

  1. The primary objective of the AP Sports Incentive Scheme is to support the athletes financially and encourage them for giving better performance.
  2. Also, helpful for senior-level athletes. The senior athletes, who have wined medals in any national events they can apply.
  3. It is for the junior and sub-junior level athletes. They can also apply for the scheme, and they will also get financial rewards from the government.

YSR Sports Incentive Scheme Awards

The state government will give the award money to the athletes, who would apply for the AP YSR Sports scheme. The prize money is different according to the medal and athletes category. Its aims to help talented athletes financially and prepare them for the next national and international events.

Prize Money:

Category of Athletes Gold Medalist Silver Medalist   Bronze Medalist
Senior Athletes  Rs. 5 Lakhs Rs. 4 Lakhs Rs. 3 Lakhs
Junior and Sub-junior Athletes Rs. 1.24 Lakhs Rs. 75,000/- Rs. 50,000/-

YSR Sports Incentive Scheme Eligibility

The interested candidates/athletes can apply for the Sports Incentive Scheme after satisfying the eligibility conditions. The eligibility criteria have set by the AP Sports Minister. Check the eligibility conditions for the scheme before apply for the YSR Sports Incentive.

  1. The applied athletes must be a legal and permanent resident of Andhra Pradesh.
  2. The athlete must be registered his/her age and chosen sporting events with the sports association.
  3. The candidate must have participated in any national sporting events, which must have organised by the central or state government.
  4. Only those sports-people are eligible for this YSR Incentive Scheme, who has won a medal for their performance in any national sports events.

Documents Needed for YSR Sports Incentive Scheme

The candidate has to submit some documents when they apply for the YSR  Sports Incentive Scheme. All the documents are necessary for the YSR Sports Incentive application form. They have to provide the documents along with the application form.

  1. The candidate has to submit the Residential Proof first.
  2. An applicant must also be submitted their Age Proof.
  3. The Registration Certificate from the Sports Association.
  4. The candidate has to submit the copy of participation documents that he/she filled up during when they participate in any sports events.
  5. And lastly the Winner Certificate of the candidate.

How to Apply for YSR Sports Incentive Scheme

The AP Sports Incentive Scheme has recently passed by the Andhra Pradesh state cabinet. So, the CM has not yet notified any other information or details about the incentive scheme. The government will take some time to read the official website for the eligible athletes. In coming days, the government will launch the online portal for the incentive scheme. Through the website, the candidates will be able to apply.

YSR Sports Incentive Online

Once the online portal for the AP YSR Sports Incentive scheme releases, the interested and eligible athletes can apply for the program through the official website. Now the website has not launched, the government is working on it. In a few days, the AP government will prepare and launch the website. After launching the site, the candidate can easily find the application form for the scheme and also they can submit the form in the website along with their required documents.

YSR Sports Incentive Offline

The candidate also submits their AP Sports Incentive application form through offline mode. For this offline registration, the candidate has to get in touch with the respective sports association or sports ministry. They can help with the YSR Sports Incentive scheme registration.

YSR Sports Incentive Contact Details

The applicant can check the updated information about the YSR Sports Incentive Scheme through the official website. Also, they can find the contact number and email id from the official website. The online site for the scheme will launch very soon by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

About YSR Sports Incentive Scheme

What is YSR Sports Incentive Scheme?

The AP Government has recently passed three schemes. One of the programs is the AP Sports Incentive Scheme, which has developed for supports financially to the talented athletes of the state. Through this, the athletes will get the proper training and sports equipment from the state government.

How to apply for the YSR Sports Incentive Scheme?

The candidates can apply for the incentive scheme through both offline and online. The online portal for the scheme has not launched by the government. In a few days, the AP government will launch the website for the YSR Sports Incentive Scheme.

Can other state athletes apply for the YSR Sports Incentive Scheme?

No, the scheme is only for the citizen of Andhra Pradesh. Only the candidate, who has their AP residence proof and those who have to satisfy the eligibility conditions, they can apply for the incentive scheme.

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