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SSUP Portal is the self-service online website to update the details of your Aadhar Card. If you have any mistake in your card details, there is no need to visit the offices, and you can update them online. The Aadhar card is an essential identification that is useful in any form of application and other government purposes. The details in the Aadhar card should be accurate, and the facility of updating them is available in the online SSUP portal. It made the process simple to get Aadhar card updated in online. The Aadhar Self service update portal is a straightforward portal that helps you in the correction of the details.

SSUP Portal

The portal is a simple method to update the details of the Aadhar card, and no need to visit the offices. You need to have the required documents to complete the process. Aadhar Self service update portal will give you the facility to update every detail of your Aadhar card. You need to link your Aadhar card with your mobile number to access these facilities of SSUP Uidai Portal.

Here is the complete information about the SSUP Portal and process to update your Aadhar card. The government maintains the website, and all the details are verified and private.  You can also download the updated Aadhar card from the site. SSUP Portal will provide the services like update Aadhar card status check, and also request for a validation letter.

SSUP Uidai Portal

Details of SSUP Portal Aadhar Update

The Aadhar update is only possible when you have registered the mobile number with the Aadhar card. We can verify the mobile number in SSUP Portal and also get access to the Aadhar card online services. We can update the details in the offline process, even if you are not comfortable with the website.  You can locate these centres in the SSUP Portal. We can update Address online and also check the status. The other details update is available in the enrollment or update centres of the Aadhar card.

Portal Name     SSUP Portal
Purpose      Aadhar Card update
Update online
Official website   

   How To Update Details In SSUP Portal?

The details we can update in the Aadhar Self service update portal is address online. For the other details like Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile Number, Email address, and Biometrics you need to visit the Permanent Enrolment centre.

Documents Required to Update Aadhaar Card Online

We need some documents which are mandatory to complete Aadhar Self service update given below. We need the documents of address proof, Date of birth proof, and identity proof.  The documents which accepted in the Sup portal for the update are

  • Governed issued photo identity cards
  • Electricity bills (not older than3 months)
  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • Gas Connection Bill

If these proofs are not relevant and any false one, then the updating of the Aadhar card is declined by the portal.

SSUP Portal Login

The Aadhar update is only possible only when you Login to the portal. The SSUP Portal Login is very simple, and you need to have the registered mobile number working for the OTP number. Here are the steps that help you to Login the portal.

How to Login SSUP Portal Online for Aadhar Update

  1. Open the official website of SSUP uidai portal on your browser.
  2. Tap on update your address online link in Update Aadhar section of the page.
  3. It redirects you to the new page and here clicks on “Proceed to Update Address” option in the page.Aadhar Card Update
  4. Now, you can see the Login page on the screen for Aadhar update online
  5. Select Aadhar number of Virtual ID from the option given in the page.
  6. Here enter the Aadhar Number a 12 digit UID in the text space given in the page.
  7. Enter the Captcha verification by entering the code available in the image box.SSUP Portal Login
  8. Click on Send OTP or Enter TOTP button on the page.
  9. A six-digit OTP number will send to your registered mobile number.
  10. Tap on the Login button below to enter the account and update Aadhar card details.

Aadhaar Self service Update portal

We can update the address of the Aadhar card in the online Sup Portal and it very easy. Here are the steps that will help you to complete the update in the web portal. We can update the Aadhar card in two different methods which we will provide below. You can update the address by uploading the address proof and when you don’t have them complete Aadhar Card update with Address Validation Letter.

How To Update Aadhar Card Details Online?

The Aadhar card update is possible to complete using your address and identity proofs. Make sure you have the copies of evidence with you before you start the steps. Go through the information given and update your Aadhar card.

  1. You to complete SSUP Portal Login and the instructions for these steps are available in the above section.
  2. Now after you Login the account tap on Address Update checkbox in the page.
  3. Fill the details you want to update, and it is available in both English and local language.
  4. Give the complete address as the updated Aadhar card will deliver at the given address.
  5. We can include the parent/guardian/spouse name as part of the address.
  6. Choose Address correction option and select C/o details and give the name of the person in the field.
  7. If you have any issues with Pin Code and state/district, village and town details then contact the UIDAI centre.
  8. Give the complete details and upload supporting Proofs in which are mentioned in the page.
  9. Check the data entered for Aadhar Card Correction and submit the request.
  10. For tracking the status and future reference note down the URN (Update Request Number) and also download or print the Acknowledgement copy.

Update Aadhar Card Using Address Validation Number

We can update the card using the address validation number in the case when you don’t have any proof of identity to submit in the online form. Here are the steps that will help you with this process.

  1. Login the SSUP Portal using your Aadhar card number and select the option don’t have valid Address proof.
  2. Now click on request for “Address Validation Letter” from the page that will redirect to anew window.
  3. Enter your Aadhar Number and complete the Captcha for verification purpose.
  4. Tap on “Send OTP” and your registered mobile number will receive a text from the SSUP portal online.
  5. Enter the Address Verifier Aadhar OTP in the given space and then click on Submit option.
  6. You will get a link to the mobile number and verify the applicant’s request on the mobile number registered with UIDAI
  7. Enter the OTP received and confirm the application of the Address Validation number of the applicant.
  8. Give the SRN and Login the access and preview Address and submit the request.
  9. The Address validation posted to the address given in the request submission form.
  10. You will receive the validation address within 30 days after your request.
  11. Now, login to the Address update portal and update the address using Secret code given in the Address validation letter.
  12. Check the new address details and submit the final request in the SSUP portal for Aadhar update.
  13. Note down URN number, or you can also download or take a print of the acknowledgement.

Check Aadhaar Card Update Status

We can check the Aadhar update status quickly from the official web portal. For this, you need to have the URN to get the status of your Aadhar card updated. Here are the steps that will help you to check the Aadhar Update Status online.

  1. Open the home page of SSUP portal in the browser and click on the My Aadhar option in the menu.
  2. Tap on Check Address update status in the update you Aadhaar section in the page.
  3. It will redirect to the check status page, or you can click here to redirect the page.
  4. Here enter your 12 digit Aadhar Number in the text field on the page.Aadhar Update
  5. Also, enter the URN or SRN number, which provided during the update submission process.
  6. Give the Captcha Verification by typing the characters in the image box.
  7. Tap on “Check Status” button below the page, and it will display the status of Aadhar Update.

SSUP Portal Contact Numbers

The Aadhar update has the contact numbers that will help you to solve any issues with the online portal. Here we will provide you with the SSUP Portal contact numbers. You can call and get the solutions for any problem with customer executives.

  1. SSUP Portal Contact Number: 1947
  2. Helpline Mail: [email protected]

About SSUP Portal

What is Aadhar Self Service update SSUP Portal?

It is an online portal that offers you to update Aadhar details online like address by login to the website.

How can I change my name in Aadhar card online?

You need to Login the Aadhar card online self-service update portal using your Aadhaar number. Submit the Aadhar card name change in the online portal. Scan and upload identity proofs and change the details.

How to register my mobile number in SSUP Portal online?

Visit the Aadhar Enrollment centre and fill the correction form and give the mobile number that you want to update. Submit the form and provide the documents and biometrics for authentication.

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