WhatsApp Banned My Number | Best Tips to Remove WhatsApp Ban in 2024

WhatsApp – The favorite cross-platform application used for communication. It is used to send messages, photos, and videos in both a personal and professional manner. Banning the Whatsapp number is the big problem to be solved immediately as this breaks the communication. Here we have provided some of the reasons for banning Whatsapp Number and steps to remove those clearly discussed in the below section.

Reasons For Banning Whatsapp Number

When we send bulk messages on the purpose of any business communication then the WhatsApp will ban our number as it may be recorded as spam. In this case, you will get a pop up that your number is banned. The other reason for banning your number will be using the mod version application or third party applications like GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, Yo Whatsapp and many more which will cause this error.

Creating many groups and sending the same message to many will make your number ban by WhatsApp. There is no need to worry as we brought you the solution to solve the WhatsApp Banned My Number problem.

Tips To Remove Whatsapp Ban
Tips To Remove Whatsapp Ban

Best Tips To Remove Whatsapp Ban In 2024

We here provides you the step by step instruction to solve the WhatsApp banned your number problem. Do as the steps given below.

  • When you open your application you will get a pop up showing the message

“Your phone number banned from using WhatsApp”

  • You can also see the contact support for help.
  • When you open your application then you will get a pop up showing the number banned. Click on support below the popup.
  • It opens a window where you can describe the problem and attach the screenshots to it.
  • Describe the problem faced by you in the space given and add the screenshot of the pop up along with your phone number. Also, one can check how to delete Appvalley Profile here.
  • Then Tap on the next which is on the top right corner.
  • It opens the windows of FAQ’s then click on “This Does Not Answer My Problem” option below.

Steps To Get Unbanned From Whatsapp

  • This will lead you to the Gmail app where everything will be filled in the message.
  • Just click on the send and wait for the reply from the WhatsApp support team.
  • The reply may take five minutes for the least or 72 hours maximum.
  • And they will activate your WhatsApp number with a warning mail to your registered mail ID.
  • If this does not work then you need to install WhatsApp with a new number or you can use the WhatsApp mods Applications.

These are the few simple steps to resolve your Whatsapp account from banning. People who are facing these issues can now check for the complete solution by reading this article which helps you a lot.


The above steps will help you to recover your WhatsApp banned number. The procedure is very simple and makes sure that you will not repeat the things discussed above in reasons for banning the number. For more tech updates, just tuned to our web site Timesalert.

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