Best Game Apps To Earn Real Money By Playing Games Online

We can earn money by playing games on our smartphones. This will have both fun and earnings at one place. There are Applications which are available in our App stores for this. So, we can make maximum profit out of free time by playing games and win cash. Here, we will give you the Top Best Game Apps to Earn Real Money. All of these are gaming Applications and are free of cost to play. The Game play of them is also simple and easy. These Applications are very safe to use and you turn your points to free money. All the Games on the list are very safe to use and will not store any of your personal information.

Best Game Apps To Earn Real Money

This is a good way to gain the pocket money and you can earn real money while playing games. We gave Top 10 Best Game Apps to Earn Real Money by Playing Games. This cash will be sent to your PayTym and another digital form of money for your purposes. So, why to play games for free just try these Game Apps and earn real money and use them. Here below is the list of Top Best Game Apps to Earn Real Money by Playing Games.

Best Game Apps To Earn Real Money
Best Game Apps To Earn Real Money
  • Lucky Day
  • Loco
  • Live Quiz Games App
  • HQ-Trivia & Words
  • Solitaire – Make Money Free
  • Swagbucks LIVE
  • TopQuiz
  • Big Time Cash.Make Money Free
  • Quizdom
  • Sudoku- Make Money Free

Lucky Day: An easy game to earn money. This is the Top Best Game Apps in your App store to earn money. Lucky Day is a popular game and is free to install. This offers free scratcher, lotto and raffle games to win real money and rewards. It is a free game to install and win money instantly. The scratch cards are valued up to $10,000 that will turn to real cash instantly. This Game App is only available for Android Devices.

Lucky Day
Lucky Day


  • We can win $10,000 by matching 3 winning symbols on the instant win of scratch cards.
  • This also gives us the gift cards of top brands like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.
  • You will get a new scratch card daily at 12 AM and a bonus scratch card at 10 AM and 6 PM.

[appbox googleplay]

Game Apps To Earn Real Money On Android

Loco: Available for Android and also iOS Devices and is the first free App to play games and you will get the cash back through Paytm. We can play the game in three formats like Loco Live where we will have to answer 10 questions correctly and win a lot of money. Loco League is for those people who can predict the future of a match easily. It has all games in Loco League. If you are good at games like BlitzCricket, Bubble Shooter, 2048 Solitaire then Loco Arena is the best part for you. Play in your comfort zone and win the points that turn to the real cash.



  • It is very easy to play in three different zones of games.
  • This is the best application to all categories of Users.
  • Sign up with your Paytm Number to get the cash into your account.

[appbox googleplay com.showtimeapp ]

Live Quiz Games App: The Top Best Game Apps to earn real money and is available only in Android devices. This has many users and an interesting way to earn cash. As the name suggests we need to play live games like Trivia Games, bingo game and Live Poll games. This is also called as BrainBaazi and also innovative online trivia game to earn money.

Live Quiz Games App
Live Quiz Games App


  • The application is free of cost and very user-friendly Application.
  • Live Quiz, PollBaazi and play Bingo are the popular games in this App.
  • It needs little permissions like location to improve the streaming experience, mobile number to link Paytm and send money.

[appbox googleplay com.brainbaazi&hl=en ]

Solitaire – Make Money Free: Top Best Game Apps To Earn real Money by Playing Games. Many users are satisfied with the application and the reward of Money. Solitaire is a simple way and for every draw of a card, they share the portion of the advertising revenue to one lucky winner.



  • The application is free to download and play games.
  • This also gives you the giveaways, gift cards an also cash.
  • Solitaire is the best way to earn money by playing.

[appbox googleplay com.winrgames.solitaire ]

Top Game Apps To Earn Money For Android And iOS

HQ-Trivia & Words: Best Game App To Earn Money online. This is available in Android and also iOS Smartphones and popular live game App where we can win cash prizes. This will give you the notifications of live shows and games so that you will not miss your chance to lose the money. HQ-Trivia & Words is a user interface game application to play with minimum knowledge.

HQ-Trivia & Words
HQ-Trivia & Words


  • We can invite our friends and to use your codes for the extra lives to play games.
  • The application is completely safe to your device and privacy to your content.
  • It has special and famous celebrities who visit and give away dollars in the form of the prize if you win the game.

[appbox googleplay com.intermedia.hq ]

[appbox appstore id1232278996?mt=8]

Swagbucks LIVE: The Best Game App To Earn Money by Playing Games. This is available for both Android and iOS system. This is a live game where we can win the prize money. There will also be the SB points bonus for everyone who is using the application.

Swagbucks LIVE
Swagbucks LIVE


  • It is very user-friendly and you can earn real cash easily.
  • There will be a regular update of the application that will help you to get more money.
  • The SB points are redeemable for popular gift cards for your friends and family.

[appbox googleplay com.prodege.swagiq&hl=en_IN ]

[appbox appstore id1325285782?mt=8 ]

Sudoku- Make Money Free: One of the Top Best Game App To Earn Real Money while having fun. Sudoku is popular among many of us and knows the process to complete the quiz. We can compete with our friends and win the prize money. This is the best application to earn while playing and an honest app to add cash to your account.

Sudoku- Make Money Free
Sudoku- Make Money Free


  • The App is free of cost, easy to play and also very safe to use for your device and data.
  • Suduko App is free of cost and there are no hidden charges to play the game.
  • There are also games other than Suduko to play and earn money.

[appbox googleplay com.winrgames.sudoku ]

[appbox appstore id1285765099?mt=8 ]

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Online Game Apps To Earn Money

TopQuiz – The best Game App to entertain you to earn the money. It has very interesting games like play Quizzes which have different categories of movies, books and also general knowledge. TopQuiz has many downloads and is popular among Android users. The Quiz in the game has 10 different topics where we can earn one coin for one correct answer.



  • It has a wide range of topic for Quiz like Basic math, Odd one out, Riddles, Cricket and Bollywood.
  • The money can be collected through the Paytm so, make sure you have linked the number.
  • We can compete with our friends using the Whatsapp messenger application.

Big Time Cash. Make Money Free: Top Best Game App to make money by playing Video games. Many users have already collected cash in their accounts. We need to play any game in the app and collect at least one ticket to enter into the cash draw prize. The money will transfer into your digital accounts and very simple to play the games.

Big Time Cash.Make Money Free
Big Time Cash.Make Money Free


  • The Application is free of cost and is user-friendly.
  • It has different games which will give you fun while playing.
  • This occupies very less space in your device and does not slow down the system.

[appbox googleplay com.winrgames.bigtime ]

Quizdom: is very user-friendly with different and interesting topics for the quiz. This is available only for the Android devices and you can download them from your Google Play store. It has many numbers of users and the cash back prizes are as money. The application is very genuine and has many users and downloads. So it is listed to be one of the best game apps to earn real money.



  • We can challenge the trivia questions with your friends.
  • The categories are like logo, music, geography, Science and also sports.
  • We can play the game with or without a network connection.

[appbox googleplay com.freepuzzlegames.logoguessing.quiz ]


These are the Top Best Gaming Applications that will help you to earn money while playing. All these are very safe to use and will pay you the cash for winning the games. Go through the list and features of these game and download them to play and win the cash prize.

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