Cooking dishes connects a Grandfather to his sweet memories – The Magical Cookbook

As the holiday season is approaching, retailers across the United States are trying their best to launch an excellent marketing campaign to draw customers’ attention.

Kroger has also come up with their latest marketing push, which will appear during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 24, 2024.

Cooking dishes connects a Grandfather – Kroger

The season of holiday infuses a wave of positivity among the people. It marks the feelings of togetherness, love, compassion, and memories. Kroger has decoded the ‘true memories of this holiday season quite well, and it is preparing to launch a campaign to make people relive their happy moments related to the holiday season.

“Today’s Holiday Moments Are Tomorrow’s Memories”

Kroger has published a video ad as a part of its marketing campaign.

There is a lovely title for this video that is apt for its content.

The one-minute-long video revolves around an older man who finds his late wife’s cookbook one night.

He decides to prepare some of her recipes. While having those dishes, he starts relieving his memory with his wife and family. Through the ups and downs, they celebrate the holiday season with happiness and love in the form of those delicious dishes.

The older man’s smile is heart-warming, showing that the power of sweet memories can turn anyone joyous. Lastly, he is seen celebrating the holiday season with his granddaughter.

There are no dialogues in the video, and viewers can only hear a sweet song which is a revision of the Goo Goo Dolls’ 1998 song “Iris” by Colbie Caillat, a Grammy-winning artist.

The idea behind creating this Ad for Kroger’s marketing

The conventional methods of marketing need to connect better with the customers. Simply showcasing the products by giving discounts and vouchers does not help establish strong bonds and make loyal costumes. So Kroger has tried to bridge this gap by connecting to the people through its marketing campaign.

Therefore, the dynamic marketing campaign, according to Kroger’s senior director of brand marketing Emily Hartmann, is a departure from previous Christmas seasons when the company preferred to depend on deals and message-focused products.

According to Hartmann, Kroger wanted to touch on some of the insights we were hearing from our clients, including the fact that they feel like they’re finally getting together this year.” People never compromise on food as it gives them a way to connect with their happy moments from the past and make new ones.

On October 26, the national ad campaign, developed in collaboration with the production company Hornet and the advertising agency DDB New York, will go live. It will appear across many platforms, including digital, broadcast, social media, and owned properties, as well as during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The task of creating a vibrant advertisement was regarded as a “dream brief” by Mat Bisher, the chief creative officer of DDB New York, but it also had its share of difficulties.

It took time to find a written script that suited their motive and was not excessively impractical or romantic.

The most recent campaign from Kroger features animated Krojis, which DDB New York helped launch in 2019. According to Hartmann, the characters have been successful for Kroger, becoming just as identifiable as the company’s emblem.

The plan’s goal is to reach a substantial number of shoppers, but Hartmann declined to provide specifics on the media budget.

In terms of an all-encompassing integrated campaign across as many touch points for our customers as we were able to reach, she declared, “We are doing it bigger than ever before.”

Can Kroger’s marketing strategies become a Game Changer in the Retail Media Industry?

The Kroger Company recently disclosed plans to buy rival Albertsons Companies. Together, the two supermarket chains run close to 5,000 stores and bring in more than $200 billion annually.

A merger between Kroger and Albertsons would establish it as a significant player in the U.S. retail media sector, which Insider Intelligence predicts could reach $61 billion by 2024. This is an increase from about $41 billion this year.

Besides all these plans, Kroger is constantly trying to keep its brand marketing top-notch, leaving a good image in the customer’s mind. 

Kroger also conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey called “Krogerfeedback Survey.” It is a great marketing move to acquire customer attention and show them that the company cares for them. This helps get valuable feedback from the customers and upgrade the services accordingly. This helps in the long-term growth of the business.

More About Kroger

The Kroger Company is the fifth-biggest general retailer in the United States and the country’s largest supermarket operator by revenue. One of the country’s biggest privately held American-owned employers is the business. Kroger holds a position in the Fortune 500 list of the most prominent American companies by total revenue.

Approximately two-thirds of Kroger’s employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements, with the United Food and Commercial Workers representing most of them (UFCW).


Who can take part in Kroger’s Customer Satisfaction survey?

You have to visit any Kroger store in the U.S. and make a purchase. The purchase receipt has the code you need to enter at the official Survey website of Kroger to participate in the survey.

Can I get a reward for participating in the Kroger Customer Experience Survey?

By taking part in the Kroger Customer Experience Survey and answering some simple questions based on your experience with their services, you can stand a chance to win $5000.

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