Happy Ramadan 2016 Eid Mubarak Wishes Quotes Greetings SMS Whatsapp Status

Ramadan also known as Ramazan, Ramadhan, or Ramathan is the Islamic Festival celebrated worldwide as a month of fasting to recall and show respect for the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad as per Islamic belief. This year 2016 the first day of eid is seen in the middle of 5th to 6th July 2016, dates may fluctuate with respect to areas. Muslims marks celebrations of Eid two times in an Islamic year as Eid ul fitr (Feast of Breaking the Fast) and EId ul Adha (Feast of Sacrifice). People warly greet each other with Happy Eid Mubarak Wishes, Eid cards, Eid mubarak Quotes, Messages and by means of SMS and Facebook Messages moreover. So we have shared some Eid Mubarak Wishes Quotes Messages Greetings for the year 2016. Wish your friends, family, neighbors, and so on from our Eid Cards Collections.

Happy Ramadan 2016 Quotes

For all the Islamic people it is the time of prayer, fasting,charity-giving and self responsibility of Muslims everywhere throughout the World. The light is the major praising format in Ramadan.


Observing Eid with religious soul, and energy is visible on each Muslim. Eid ul Fitr is the festival of Ramadan e Kareem. In the wake of spending the entire month in prayers and fasting, Eid is a gift of Allah Almighty for Muslims. Ceremonies and traditions are followed as per Eid festivities. Wishing Eid Mubarak to all has been the most customary traditional ritual that people have been following since ages. At first Eid cards or Eid Email wishes were sent to relatives and friends living far away. Later most of the people took after tradition to wish Eid Mubarak to all families, friends and other kindred Muslims. In present generation, Muslims everywhere throughout the world like to wish by means of Eid Mubarak SMS, FB Messages, Sending through WhatsApp.

Happy Ramadan 2016 Wishes

This page covers the selective list of Eid Messages. You can check the Eid SMS one by one and pick and pick the as per your wish to convey greetings to your friends and family. For the most people like wishing on Chand Raat on knowing the news of moon being located. Pick the appropriate Eid SMS that you can use to wish your wife, husband, child, friends cousins anybody. You can even post your own made Eid SMS online on this page. You can read, share, and comment to the chosen Eid Mubarak SMS messages on this site.


Find Eid 2016 biggest collection of Eid Mubarak SMS messages. Look at new Eid SMS Instant Messages of 2016, Eid Mubarak SMS Quotes, Wishes, Greetings to send Text SMS to all your specially loved people.

Happy Ramadan 2016 Messages

Hope Love and Laugher,
warmth, wishes, joy and
a bouquet of Eid wishes, jubilations,
become a part of your Eid and Your Life.
Have a Happy Eid Mubarak.

Many are the wishes
that are being sent your way,

but the is a special one
for a very happy Eid Day


When my arms cant
reach people close to my heart.
I always hug them with my prayers.
May allahs peace be with you.
A very happy eid mubarak 2 U.

Happy Ramadan 2016 Whatsapp Status

When the sun has set, and day is done
I’ll break this chain, but only one.
By the end of Ramadan,
It’s time for Eid and lots of fun!!!

After 1 day
After 24 hours
After 1440 min
After 86400 sec

Every1 will send u this msg but i m the
1st telling u and ur family Eid Mubarak.

May the magic of dis EID
bring lots of happiness in ur life
& may u celebrate it wid
all ur close friendzzzzzz
& may it fill ur HEART wid love.


As the candle light flame,
Your life may always be happiness claim,
As the mountain high,
U move without sigh,
like the white linne flair,
purity is always an affair,
As the sunshine creates morning glory,
fragrance fills years as flory,
with the immaculate eternal smile,
attached to u mile after mile,
All darkness is far away,
As light is on its way.
Wish all of you a very happy Ramadan!!!

Happy Ramadan 2016 Greetings

4 Weeks of Barkat,
30 Days of Forgiveness,
720 Hours of Guidance,
43200 Minutes of Purification,
2592000 Seconds of Nuur..
Wishing you a one month of Ramadan!!!!!
Ramadan Mubarak

A glass of Care,
A plate of Love,
A spoon of Peace,
A fork of truth and
A bowl of Duass.
Mix with spice of QURAAN.
Enjoy the meal.
Ramadan Mubarak!!!


May Divine Pour His Blessings on you
Like rain throughout his holy month
recite Quran for blessings
Caring about your prayers
the merciful will give you more than
your heart desires.
Ramadan Mubarak!!!

Eid days are meant to celebrate, the goals and the achievements,
that make you happiest. The ideals you believe in,
the dream you love the best. Eid Mubarak..

The moon has been sighted
The Samosazz are ready
Here comes EID so just go steady
Lots of Prays is all i request
and just wanted to wish you all the BEST!!!

Eid is the wonder full day to pray,
to love,
to care,
to celebrate,
to happy and Allah bless you always.

Ramadan Eid Mubarak 2016 Wishes

Eid is a Wonderful “DAY”
“2 Pray”
“2 Love”
“2 Care”
“2 Smile”
“2 Relax” And “2 Thank
2 ALLAH” for all He gives us..

Today i pray that:-
Happiness be at ur door
May it knock early
Stay late & leave the gift of Allah’s
Peace,love,joy & good health behind

shaban mubarak,eid mubarak,
ramadan mubarak.


May you remain happy all the time
Irrespective of any occasion

May Allah flood your life
with happiness on this occasion,

ur heart with love,
ur soul with spirtual,
ur mind with wisdom,
wishing u a very Happy Eid Mubarik

Chupkay say chand ki Roshni Choo Jaye Apko
Dheeray Say Ya Hawa Kuch Keh Jaye Apko

Dil Say jo Chahtay Hoo Maang Lo Khuda Say
Hum Dua Kartay Hain Mil Jaye Woo Apko

Ramadan is name of blessing
its name of love and care
its name of Dua
so make your prayers
and remember me in your prayers.
Happy Ramadan

Happy Ramadan 2016 wishes in English

— In this Holy Month of Ramadan. May you be blessed with Good health, Prosperity and May Allah’s blessings always shine upon you and your family. (Ameen) Happy Ramadan

— I wish a Wish for you,Its a Wish I wish for few,The wish I wish for you is that all your wishes come true..Wish u Happy Ramadan Eid Day.

— Here comes the day,once in a blue moon. With chanda mama shinin up bright And blessing everyone. Her luv so tender, merciful. Shinin down on the earth wishin us Happy eid. Ramadan Eid mubaraK.


— Lonesome Without U,Each and Every Moments.When I Am Alone I Close My Eyes and Think of you and Thoughts of your Love Warms Me Inside and Makes Me Smile.Miss you Lot. Ramadan Eid Mubarak.

— May God send his Love like Sunshine in his warm and gentle ways to fill every corner of your Heart and filled your Life with a lot of Happiness like this EID DAY. Wishing you Ramadan EID MUBARAK

— Look at the clock, seconds are running, munitus are walking, hours are moving,day is passing and EID- UL-FITR is coming! So, it is time to say, time to hear and time to feel “Ramadan Eid mubarak“

— Some words can be left unsaid,Some feeling can be left unexpressed,But person like u can never be forgotten on this day RAMADAN EID MUBARAK

— May the auspicious occasion of Eid ,bless you with peace and bring joy to your heart and home.EID MUBARAK

Ramadan Mubarak 2016

— Do you know the Meaning of EID? I think it means “ENJOY in DUNIYA!!” So, In your life all moments bring EID for you.. Wish You…RAMADAN EID MUBARAK

— May the day delight and the moments measure all the special joys for all of you to treasure. May the year ahead be fruitful too, for your home and family and specially for you. RAMADAN EID MUBARAK

— I wish you ALL a very happy and peaceful Eid.May Allah accept your good deeds, forgive your transgressions and ease the suffering of all peoples around the globe. Ramadan Eid Mubarak

With petals Of Roses, Palm Full Of Holy Water,
Light of sunshine, Fragrance of Flowers
& Grass With The Dew
I Wish A Very
Happy Ramadan Eid To You
Joyous Ramadan 2016
Eid Is love

Eid Is Beauty

Eid Is Happiness