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About Hollister

A global retailer for teens and young adults, Hollister is frequently referred to as Hollister or HCo. It is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Products are offered both in-person and online by the business. Hollister’s success comes from its casual clothes inspired by SoHo and appeals to people worldwide, especially teens. Hollister now owns more than 600 outlets worldwide due to its international success.

Casual clothing enthusiasts are not only drawn to Hollister’s clothing line. To broaden its product offering, Hollister has proudly announced new products. Over the years, the company has made a lot of colognes, perfumes, lip balms, soaps, and lotions that have sold well.

Survey nameHollister Customer Service Survey
Survey sitewww.tellhco.com
Survey rewardHollister Survey $15 Off Coupon
Legal residentsDistrict of Columbia and Puerto Rico, US
Entry limitUnlimited
Age limit18+
LanguageEnglish, Spanish

Take Hollister Survey At www.tellhco.com.

Customers can submit comments about their most recent experiences in the Tellhco online survey, also known as the Hollister Customer Experience Survey, at www.tellhco.com.

Hollister will use your suggestions to enhance customer service and create a better shopping environment. You will be sent a validation number and a $10 off coupon for Hollister Survey as soon as you finish the survey, which you can use on your subsequent store visit.

You have a venue to discuss such purchasing experiences with the committed management of Hollister, thanks to the Hollister Customer Experience Survey. Hollister learns about the brand’s strengths and shortcomings by paying attention to client complaints and compliments.

Hollister thinks that for the company to expand, it is crucial to take client feedback seriously. The survey’s findings give the concerned Hollister team information about what the customers want.

How did Hollister get its notoriety?

The firm founded Hollister in 2000 to compete with Original Abercrombie by offering more affordable goods. They began offering clients fine clothing lines, slightly more relaxed surfer attitudes, and costs far less than what Original Abercrombie charged.

Hollister got to the top of the market because it did a lot of research on its customers and got to work immediately. Tellhco.com’s green platform for getting customer feedback helped Hollister collect customer surveys and make them fit their needs. Hollister has grown because the changes were made quickly. There are now more than 660 stores around the world.

Hollister retains consumers by putting into practice the modifications they request. To participate in this survey, go to www.tellhco.com and leave your comments following a visit to a Hollister store.

Rules for the tellhco com Hollister survey

  • Only Americans who are legally residing in the country are eligible to vote.
  • The survey has an age requirement of 18 years old.
  • Each participant is only eligible to win one prize.
  • For a single purchase order, multiple entries won’t be considered.
  • Each phone number and email address can only have one access.
  • Participants in the survey must be at least 18 years old.
  • To qualify for this customer satisfaction survey, you must have visited a Hollister location.
Hollister Survey

Requirements for the TellHCO – Hollister survey:

  • To take part in the Hollister customer satisfaction survey, it would be beneficial to have a laptop, desktop, or smartphone.
  • Prevent interruptions while completing the survey, you must have a steady internet connection.
  • To access the Hollister Survey portal, use a suggested browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.
  • You must have your name, email address, and the day and time you most recently visited a Hollister store.
  • Additionally, the receipt must contain the Hollister survey code printed on the bottom.

How to Participate in an Hollister Online Survey

To access the Tellhco.com Survey online, you must first shop at a Hollister store. You can now participate in the survey if you have fulfilled the first prerequisites. After a successful purchase, please carefully preserve the receipt since you will need it to complete the Hollisters Customer Experience Survey. Now follow the detailed instructions below to complete the survey efficiently.

  1. To begin the survey, go to https://www.tellhco.com/.
  1. The receipt’s bottom will have the Hollister survey code on them.
  2. The code consists of 13 digits. If you use hyphens in your Tellhco code, ignore them.
  3. You must enter information from your receipt, including the name of the store you visited, the register number, your transaction ID, and the date.
  4. After filling out the details, the page will take you to the Tellhco Hollister survey.
  5. It would be best if you answered multiple-choice questions that make up the survey.
  6. The survey will ask you about the specifics of your most recent trip to the store and your previous experiences there.
  7. Finally, please leave a review to assist us in giving you prompt service the following time you come in.
  8. After providing your comments, you will receive a Coupon code with a validity date.
  9. When you return to our store, you can utilize the code captured on film.

Tellhco Hollister Survey Rewards

Hollister invites you to participate in the tellhco.com Hollister survey and rate Hollister’s customer experience. You will receive Hollister coupons in exchange for a Hollister reward, a fantastic chance to save money when purchasing a Hollister location. A $10 voucher that can be used the next time you purchase more than $50 is up for grabs.

How can I reach Hollister?

Contact information: 1 (866) 426-1285.

Official site: https://www.hollisterco.com

Send an email to store service @hollisterco.com.


Clothing retailer Hollister Co. is concerned with the satisfaction of its customers. The survey you did will help the organization give better and more personal service to its clients. The business can discover any flaws with the support of honest reviews.

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