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NBCUniversal presents the broadcast services and application Peacock. This article could assist you if an application on your Samsung TV keeps freezing, shutting down, or won’t even load. Samsung intelligent television devices from 2017 and after are interoperable with Peacock. For Peacock to function, you must first develop a user account. Get the Peacock application from their authorized webpage. 

If your Samsung television is outdated, Peacock might not function on it. Peacock is not supported by Samsung TVs produced before 2017. You can additionally give Samsung Assistance phone calls to inquire about Peacock functionality before purchasing a device. Additionally, you may check online using the television’s model serial number to see if Peacock is supported with it.

Fix Peacock not working on Samsung TV

Blocking or Crashing of the Peacock App

Completely restart your TV. Your Samsung remote’s main button must be pressed and held for at least five seconds before the TV will shut down. Before switching it on, hold off for a further five seconds. If it fails, attempt deleting and reinstalling the program and ensure your television runs the most recent version. Call Peacock Assistance if all other attempts give up.

Internet connection speed testing 

The Peacock app and other live and video program providers might have difficulty loading on slow-paced broadband connections. For regular streaming media, the download bandwidth must be no less than 3-4 Mbps, whereas streaming in high definition needs internet speeds of 5-8 Mbps.

The subsequent procedures must be taken if your speeds are less than that:

  • Examine potential disruption factors
  • Please switch off the network connection and switch it on again.
  • Communicate with your broadband service operator.

There is a possibility that your connection or a network address error is the cause of your Samsung TV’s inability to pair up with the Wi-Fi.

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Change the Wi-Fi router to Fix Peacock not working on Samsung TV issue

The Peacock app on the Samsung television may experience problems if your router fails to function effectively. Examine the phone and any other Wi-Fi-capable electronic devices you have at your place. If they aren’t connected, the internet connection doesn’t work efficiently.

Just disconnect the internet connection for a while, then reconnect it again. The router may require some time to change correctly, but the Peacock application should function with the Samsung television when it is finally online. You should contact your broadband provider’s user support line if you’re still experiencing issues with your broadband service.

Reset the Samsung TV’s power source for Peacock not working on Samsung TV

The television could benefit more from a power shutdown than a simple reboot because a complete reset will completely drain the system of any battery. You will subsequently test the Peacock’s functionality.

To restart the Samsung television, follow these steps:

  • Use the remote control to power off the system.
  • Remove the Samsung TV’s power supply from the wall.
  • Allow your system to run empty for 5 minutes.
  • Connect the power cable for the final time and examine it.

Software upgrade for the Samsung television

Software upgrades frequently help you with TV application issues, similar to app upgrades. Samsung LCD televisions still offer automated software updates, but a user force software upgrade feature exists. Although this shouldn’t be required, having it handy in case the updating process fails without informing you is a good idea.

  • Select the Home icon on the HDMI remote controller to activate the intelligent gateway on the Samsung television.
  • Go to the intelligent gateway navigation and opt for Settings.
  • Choosing the Software Upgrade option.
  • Choose “Update Now.”
  • Check out the process of downloading to finish up.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to install the latest version.
  • Check out the Peacock application once the software has been upgraded.

Deleting the Peacock app cache

Rather than restarting an app, Samsung televisions let you clear its data cache. Similar to clearing the internet browser’s storage and frequently resolving intermittent app errors, this is similar to doing so. 

The procedures are as follows:

  • Click the “Home” icon on the Samsung television controller to access the intelligent gateway.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down list on the intelligent gateway.
  • Tap on the Apps section.
  • Select Network Apps.
  • Find the Peacock program.
  • Next, opt for Clear Cache.
  • Select “Yes” for confirmation.

Make sure the Peacock sites are functional

Verify that the Peacock sites aren’t broken if the app continues to function on your Samsung television. Although it isn’t observed very frequently, it’s still an option. You can use other systems like your computer or tablet to verify if the Peacock is also available there. In this instance, your only possibility is to remain patient for the web servers to reactivate.

Installing the app again

Most software bugs may be resolved by deleting the cache, but occasionally, it’s necessary to perform a complete reboot. You must first uninstall the program and then reinstall it to be able to accomplish this.

The Peacock app deletion instructions:

  • On the Samsung television remote, select the Home icon.
  • From the on-screen options, pick Applications.
  • Select Settings there.
  • Go to the Peacock Application by navigation.
  • Choose to delete the app.
  • For confirmation, press Remove in the display window.

How to set up the Peacock app again

  • On the Samsung television remote, select the Home icon.
  • Using the on-screen options, choose Applications.
  • On the Apps display, tap the “Search” icon.
  • In the search box, type the app name “Peacock.” 
  • Click the Install option.

Please test the Peacock app once more. Your login details must be entered because they won’t be carried over from the prior installation.

If you don’t already have a Peacock account, you must register to accomplish that and gain permission to use Peacock Television. A 6-digit activation number that displays on the TV must be entered to use the app. Once that’s finished, you can enjoy watching your favorite programs on Peacock Television!

To determine if Peacock is supported with a Samsung television, check this out:

The Peacock app may have problems like freezing and breaking due to redundant Samsung television firmware. Reinstalling the Peacock app or cold booting the TV are two options. If none of your efforts are successful, contact Peacock Help.

Final words

Restart the Samsung television to the network and complete a reset if Peacock is not functioning on the screen. Then, restart your user account and erase the history of the Peacock application. Last, attempt to reinstall the Peacock app to determine if it fixes the issue.

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