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Hyderabad Metro Rail Timings: Finally, the most awaited Hyderabad Metro Rail is getting ready to launch. According to the latest news, the First Phase of Hyderabad Metro Rail started from 28th November 2017. Telangana Chief Minister KCR  and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the chief guest to launch HMRL. Since the metro rail is getting to start, everyone is now looking for details about Hyderabad Metro Rail Ticket Price Fares. So here we are providing about the Hyderabad Metro Rail Route Map and Fares.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Timings Rail Route Map

Hyderabad Metro Rail Route Map

The officials have launched Hyderabad Metro Route Map on its official website hmrl.telangana.gov.in. The people who wish to know Hyderabad Metro Route Map can check the route made. The officials have also provided Hyderabad Metro Rail Route Map Pdf link on the official website. You can now download it and check the routes whenever you want. In the Hyderabad Metro Route Map, you can see the list of stations and distance covering those stations.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Route Map Pdf: Click Here Download

Hyderabad Metro Rail Stations

Hyderabad Metro Rail Stations

The Red line shows the stations between Miyapur To L.B. Nagar. Whereas the Blue line shows the stations between Jubilee Bus Station (JBS) to Falaknuma. And the Orange Line shows the stations between Nagole To Raidurg. Miyapur to L.B Nagar route covers 29 Km and has 27 Stations and JBS to Falaknuma covers 15 Km and has 15 Stations. Whereas the Nagole to Raidurg routes covers the distance of 29 Km and has 24 Stations.

  • Miyapur to L.B Nagar: 29 Km, 27 Stations.
  • JBS to Falaknuma: 15 Km, 16 Stations.
  • Nagole to Shilparamam: 29 Km, 23 Stations.

Check this – Hyderabad Metro Stations List

Hyderabad Metro Rail Fare

Hyderabad Metro Rail Ticket Price Fare

Since the Hyderabad Metro Rail is on the run, the people who wish to travel the metro are now looking for details about Hyderabad Metro Rail Fare. As everyone knows the train ticket prices are very low when compared to the other transport services and it also covers the distance within a short time. So the maximum number of people prefer trains. With the launch of Hyderabad Metro Rail, now the people don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the traffic and reach their destinations more quickly.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Ticket Fare

Hyderabad Metro Rail Ticket Price

The Hyderabad Metro Rail Ticket fare varies depending upon the distance. The Hyderabad Metro Ticket Fare is expected to be in between Rs.20 to Rs.50. So here we are providing Hyderabad Metro Rail Ticket Fare with the distance. The Hyderabad Metro Rail Ticket Price shown in the below table are only expected prices. We will update the official prices below once it is announced.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Ticket Price

Up to 2KMRs.10
2-4 KMRs.15
4-6 KMRs.25
6-8 KMRs.30
8-10 KMRs.35
10-14 KMRs.40
14-18 KMRs.45
18-22 KMRs.50
22-26 KMRs.55
More than 26 KMRs.60

Hyderabad Metro Rail Timings

The Hyderabad Metro Rail is going to start on 28th November 2017. On this day, the Telangana government will launch only Phase I. The Phase II covers a total of 66 stations. The government will launch the remaining Phases in the coming days. The Telangana Railway Department will announce the Hyderabad Metro Rail Timings soon after the launch. Will also update all the Hyderabad Metro Rail Timings on this page once the officials have released the statement. So checking this more updates on the Hyderabad Metro Rail Time Table.

The Hyderabad Metro Rail is the prestigious project and it was planned in two phases. Where the first phase is complete and is in an operational state that includes 3 lines. The Hyderabad Metro train covers 72 kilometers in just 42 minutes of time. The first commercial purpose was started from Miyapur to LB Nagar via Nagole on 24, September 2018.  The Ameerpet is the only interchange station for the Metro Train. The next train from HiTech city to Nagole is also in the operational mode form 20th March 2019.

The whole route of Hyderabad Metro is divided into two lines the Red Line and the Blue line for the convenient of the passengers. The Blue line is from Nagole to HiTech city that covers 23 stations in the middle. Metro route from Miyapur to LB Nagar with 27 stations represent the Blue line. These maps will make easy to get the route to reach the destination. So, here we will give the timetable from every route and the timings of the trains.

LB Nagar To Miyapur Route  ( Hyderabad Metro Rail Timings )

There are 27 stations and we will give the first train and last train arrival in every station and including the fair charges.

Route: LB Nagar to Miyapur

LB Nagar To Miyapur Hyderabad Metro Timings

S.No   Station    First   Train  Last TrainDistance
1  L.B Nagar6.3022.3000
2Victoria Memorial6.3222.321.410
6New Market6:4122:416.230
7  Malakpet6:4322:437.030
8MG Bus Station6:4522:457.830
9Osmania Medical College6:4722:478.535
10Gandhi Bhavan6:4922:499.535
12Assembly6:53 22:5311.040
15Irrum Manzil7:0023:0014.545
18S R Nagar7:0723:0717.545
19ESI Hospital7:0923:0918.250
21Bharat Nagar7:1323:1320.350
25KPHB Colony7:2223:2224.955
26JNTU College7:2523:2526.360


Hyderabad Metro Rail Timings: Miyapur To LB Nagar 

The number of stops, fair charges and the distance between the stations is shown in the below table.

Route: Miyapur to LB Nagar

Miyapur To LB Nagar Hyderabad Metro Timings

S.No   Station   First   Train  Last TrainDistance
2JNTU College6:3322:331.810
3KPHB Colony6:3622:363.215
7Bharat Nagar6:4522:457.830
9ESI Hospital6:4922:499.935
10S R Nagar6:5122:5110.640
11Ameerpet 6:5322:5311.340
13Irrum Manzil6:5822:5813.645
18Gandhi Bhavan7:0923:0918.650
19Osmania Medical College7:1123:1119.650
20MG Bus Station7:1323:1320.350
22New Market7:1723:1721.950
26Victoria Memorial7:2623:2626.760
27L.B Nagar7:3023:3028.160


Hyderabad Metro Timings : Nagole To Hitech City  

This is the blue line of the metro train that runs from Nagole to Hitech City. We will see the train timings between these stations.

Route: Nagole to Hitech City

Nagole To Hi-tech City Metro Train Timings

S.No   Station   First   Train  Last TrainDistance
3Uppal Stadium6:3422:342.115
9Parade Grounds6:4922:4910.440
11Rasool Pura6:5322:5312.740
12Prakash Nagar6:5522:5513.840
15Madhura Nagar7:0123:0117.545
16Yusuf Guda7:0423:0419.050
17Jubliee Hills Road No 57:0623:0619.950
18Jubliee Hills Check Post7:0923:0921.350
19Pedamma Temple7:1123:1122.055
21Durgam Chervu7:1623:1624.855
22Hitech City7:3023:3025.755


Hi tech City To Nagole ( Hyderabad Metro Timings )

The route Map of Hyderabad Metro train from Hitch City to Nagole is given here in the next table. Check the timings and plan your journey.

Route: Hitech City to Nagole

Hitech City to Nagole Metro Timings Hyderabad

S.No   Station   First   Train  Last TrainDistance
1Hitech City6:3022:3000
2Durgam Chervu6:3222:320.910
4Pedamma Temple6:3722:373.715
5Jubliee Hills Check Post6:3922:394.425
6Jubilee Hills Road No 56:4222:425.825
7Yusuf Guda6:4422:446.730
8Madhura Nagar6:4722:478.235
11Prakash Nagar6:5322:5311.940
12Rasool Pura6:5522:5513.040
14Parade Grounds6:5922:5915.345
20Uppal Stadium7:1423:1423.655


Hyderabad Metro Rail First and Last Train Timings

The metro train facility in Hyderabad starts at early morning 6’o clock at the starting stations of blue and red routes. Hyderabad Metro Rail Morning First Train at 6:30 AM in Hitech city, Nagole, Miyapur, L.B Nagar. In the same way Hyderabad Metro Rail Last Train Time at 22:30 PM from the start and end stations of these routes.

These timings may vary during special occasions and public meetings. Metro Train timings are also changed during different sports meets for the convenience of the public. Check them on these days again for an extension of the train timings.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Last Train From LB Nagar

The first and last train timings of Hyderabad metro Train from LB Nagar route are

S.NoMetro StationFirst Train TimingsLast Train TimingsFare
1L.B Nagar-Miyapur6:30-7:3022:30-23:3060

Hyderabad Metro Rail Last Train From Miyapur

The Last train service time from Miyapur of Hyderabad Metro is mentioned here

S.NoMetro StationFirst Train TimingsLast Train TimingsFare
1Miyapur-L.B Nagar6:30-7:3022:30-23:3060

Hyderabad Metro Rail Last Train From Hitech City

The stat and reach timings of the Metro Rail are given clearly in the form of a  table

S.NoMetro StationFirst Train TimingsLast Train TimingsFare
1Hitech City -Nagole6:30-7:3022:30-23:3055

Hyderabad Metro Rail Last Train From Ameerpet

This is the one and only interchanging station for the Hyderabad Metro Train. The first and last timings of trains from here to Nagole and L.B Nagar are here.

S.NoMetro StationFirst Train TimingsLast Train TimingsFare
2Ameerpet-L.B Nagar6:53-7:3022:53-23:3045

Hyderabad Metro Rail Last Train From Nagole

The metro train timings from Nagole to the other end station are given here

S.NoMetro StationFirst Train TimingsLast Train TimingsFare
1Nagole-Hitech City6:30-7:3022:30-23:3055


Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card

Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card

The major Cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, etc have the Metro Rail system. They have also introduced Metro Smart Cards for the passengers. Now, the Telangana state has also launched the HMRL. Therefore, the officials are also introducing the HMRL Smart Card to the people who regularly travel through the Metro trains. The metro smart cards are like Monthly Pass where the user can travel through the metro without buying tickets whenever they travel. The government will soon announce the Hyderabad Metro Smart Card Price details.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Route Map in Telugu

Hyderabad Metro Rail Route Map Telugu


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