How to pay Nationstar/ Mr. Cooper Mortgage Loan Online

Nationstar Mortgage inc., which is currently known as Mr. Cooper, has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in the year of 1944. It is one of the biggest mortgage services which boasts of a servicing portfolio of around $500 billion, with a customer base of around 3 million. But to use the Nationstar mortgage login page, you have to know the exact method.

Nationstar/ Mr. Cooper Mortgage Loan

So, in this article, we are focused on educating you on the login process, and more, with accurate details. Once you are finished with the article, you will be able to view your Nationstar account, pay the bills, see the rates for their plans and also be assisted by the customer service in this journey.

How to log in to your Nationstar Mortgage Loan account 

Home financing customers can easily manage their payment stubs with credit or debit cards, checking etc. Here, we will explain how you can get the work done from your web browser after signing in to the Mr. Cooper login page. Follow these easy steps to get started with the login.

  1. Go to the official site of Mr. Cooper mortgaged loan. Click on the following link to visit the website.
  • Use the user name and password you used during the registration with Nationstar mortgage loan online.
  • Enter the credentials, and press the login button.
  • But you have to make sure that you are a registered customer. Without registration, you would not be able to make your payments online.

Forgot your Mr. Cooper Mortgage Loan Online password?

If you have forgotten your user id or the password you used during the registration process, you need not worry about it. Both the user’s name and the password can be easily reset again. All you have to do is contact the customer care services. And they will help you through the process thoroughly.

How to make your Mr. Cooper Mortgage Loan payment

Mr. Cooper allows its customers to make their payments with assured comfort in many ways. You can make your Nationstar mortgage loan payment online. Also, there are other ways you can make the payment, which includes by mail and by mail payments. Now, let us tell you a bit about each of these payment modes.

  • Mr cooper online payment

You can easily make the online payment by logging in to your online account. There is also the convenience of a smart calendar which will let you know everything about the dye date, the grace period and a lot more in just one click.

  • Mr cooper pay by mail

If you are not quite familiar, or comfortable with the online payment method, you can opt for mr cooper’s pay by mail facility. All you have to do is a geta money order or write a check payable to “Mr. Cooper”. You will also be able to find a coupon at the bottom of the recent monthly statement. Make sure to grab that coupon and include that with the check while you put it in an envelope. The address on the envelope will be as follows:

“Mr. Cooper

PO Box 650783

Dallas, Texas”

Once you send the payment through the mail, you will have to wait until it reflects on your account, generally, this takes a few days. The date of your payment will be the dated mr. Cooper receives your payment.

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Mr cooper payment by AutoPay

 If you are wondering how to set up your autopay or one-time online payment, then you have come to the right place. You just have to enter your account number and the routing number of the saving account, checking or money market account you are willing to make the payment with. You can get your hands on the account and routing number by signing in to your bank’s official website.

Mr cooper pay by phone

You can also avoid all the hassle by simply opting for an automated phone payment. You will be needing your account number and the last 4 digits of your SSN or social security number. Call the number we are providing below to make the payment. Mr cooper late payment fee might be up to $14.


Mr cooper western union quick collect

If you want your payment to be made and received by the company on the very same day, then you should opt for the western union quick collect payment option. You can either check in to their official website to make the payment or go to their store to make the payment manually. If you choose to go to their store, then after reaching the location, they would ask you to first fill up a form and fill up the same with your full name and the loan number. However, you will have to pay a minimum fee to make this payment through western union quick collect. Check out the following details you would need during making your payment.

Payment to be made to Mr. Cooper


State: TX

  • Moneygram Express Payment

There is another way you can make sure that your payment is received by the authority on the same day you make the payment. All you have to do is navigate your way to the MoneyGram website, or get in touch with the MoneyGram agent. You can also call on the given number to make the payment, 800-926-9400. After reaching the MoneyGram office, you will have to fill up the Express Payment form. On the form, you must make sure to mention your name and the loan number. If they ask for the MoneyGram receive code, you will have to tell the code 1678.

Mr Cooper Mortgage Email Address & Contact Number

We are providing the mailing address and contact number of Mr Cooper below so that you do not have to scratch your head to look for them online.

There are wo mailing addresses for Mr Cooper. If you have paid to make, then reach out to them through the given address.

Mr. Cooper

PO Box 650783

Dallas, TX 75265-0783

If you are willing to mail them overnight, then find the address below for the same.

Mr. Cooper

Lake Vista 4

800 State Highway 121 Bypass

Lewisville, TX 75067

Contact Number: 866-907-2657, 888-364-2432

Email address: [email protected]

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