How To Convert YouTube To WAV- With And Without Software

We all know that YouTube has a large Database and gives us high-quality videos to stream. But we cannot download them directly from YouTube. To download we need other application to be installed or use online service. So, we will see the process of How to Convert YouTube To WAV audio format files. There are both with software and without software process to do this.

Convert YouTube To WAV

We want to convert the files into WAV because it is the most used music extension by many users. This format is developed by Microsoft. YouTube has a unique and huge collection of videos. If we want to convert them into WAV formats we need to take the help of these applications.

How To Convert YouTube To WAV
How To Convert YouTube To WAV

So, let us now see the methods to Convert YouTube To WAV format. Many of us prefer without Software methods to convert the videos to WAV formats which are a bit easy and also do not occupy any space in your Smartphone. Here, we will show both methods to Convert YouTube To WAV. Check them and choose one among them. Also, search here for the Best Youtube Alternatives 2019 here.

 Convert YouTube To WAV Without Software

If you are searching for the online methods to convert the YouTube To Wav then these methods will help you. We are going to see,- three different methods to convert the videos files into audio files without Software. The three online YouTube To WAV converters is Online VideoConvertor, SaveClipBro. So, we will see the process involved in using these websites to Convert YouTube To WAV.

Online VideoConvertor

We can convert the YouTube video files into audio files of WAV format very easily using this website. There is no need for any software to download on your windows or Android device. Just follow the instructions below and Convert YouTube To WAV format audio files.

  • Open your browser and type online video converter and you will redirect to the website.
  • There are different options from them click on convert video link button.
YouTube To WAV
YouTube To WAV
  • A new window will appear on the screen as shown in the below figures.
  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert and paste in the space provided.
Convert YouTube To WAV
Convert YouTube To WAV
  • Click on the drop link below and select the WAV option from the formats list given.
  • Tap on the start button and your process will be started. So, after the completion, you can download the audio file directly or save it to the Dropbox.
Convert YouTube To WAV Format
Convert YouTube To WAV Format
  • So, in this process, you can Convert YouTube To WAV format files easily and also no need to install any software.

YouTube To WAV Online


As now we have seen the process of converting YouTube to WAV files using the online video converter. Here we are going to see the process using the SaveClipBro website. This is also a free online website to convert the files. The process is given below

  • Open a browser and search for saveclipbro and select the first option in the search list.
  • You can see the space to paste the URL on the redirected window.
  • Paste the URL in the field and click on the start button. This will give you the details of the video you want to convert.
Convert YouTube To WAV Online
Convert YouTube To WAV Online
  • In this you can download audio and also video file in different formats provided.
  • Now, see the extract audio section on the screen and select WAV option from the list and click on Convert.
  • The file will be converted in a few seconds and you can download the file directly to your system.

Convert YouTube To WAV Using software

There are few free software which is available in the market to Convert YouTube To WAV files formats. These are easy to download and install in your computer. So, we can even convert the videos stored in our system easily at any time. We have provided the installation of the software and also the conversion of YouTube to WAV format files.

  • Search YouTube WAV freeware in your Google and download the file and save it.
  • Open the file and run the application and follow the screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Launch the application on your system and paste the video URL address you want to convert.
Convert YouTube To WAV Free
Convert YouTube To WAV Free
  • Select the WAV format and quality to convert from the list given.
  • Click on the convert option and your file ready to download.

There is other software to Convert YouTube To WAV but this is the best among all those. So, follow the steps above and convert the video files into the WAV format audio files.


Here we have discussed the conversion of video files to audio files. We gave the methods to Convert YouTube To WAV format in two different methods like without Software and with software methods. Hope this article will help you to convert and download the files easily. For more regular updates follow Timesalert.


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