IP India Trademark Public Search, Uses, Types

IP India Trademark s a picture, symbol, or word that is present on every product. This mark differentiates similar kinds of products from each other. Section 2 of the Trademarks Act, 1999 defines a trademark as a mark which can be represented in graphics that helps user differentiates goods and services of one person from others.

India Trademark

Trademark prevents misuse of your brand’s name or duplicacy of your brand.

  • When you are thinking of protecting the uniqueness of your products and brand, you may opt-out for a trademark. Getting your products trademarked ensures that you are the sole producer of products of specific quality. If anyone else tries to steal your trademark, you can file a suit and claim the remedy.
  • Similarly, on the other side, if anyone claims that he is the owner of your Trademark you can prove him wrong by showing the original documents.
  • Before getting a trademark, a trademark search is important. One can perform the trademark search by providing the wordmark and class of the service you want to searcā·h for.

Classes of Trademark

Trademark registrations are managed by the Comptroller General of Patent Designs and Trademarks in India. The office has created an online search portal for finding trademarks online. This helps people know and search trademarks that are currently in application or existence. This prevents duplication of symbols.

IP India Trademark

NICE classifies trademarks in 45 classes. Each such class represents a different type of products and services. There are 45 classifications in total. Out of which, from 1 to 35 are divided for goods. And remaining 36 to 45 class is allocated to services.

Trademark Public search

A trademark public search is relevant to perform. This lets the applicant know about the availability of a specific mark. For more updates and information check Timesalert.

Types of Trademark Public Search

Trademark Public Search divided into three categories as follows:

  • Phonetic Search: Phonetic search made for those trademarks that have the same pronunciation. Same pronunciation trademarks can lead to confusion amongst users. Trademarks can have their names the same as others but the spelling shall be different. This lessens the confusion amongst customers.
  • Viena Code: Viena Code is an international parameter for dividing graphical elements of trademarks. It applies to elements like image, graphic, icon, etc. When performing a Viena code search you need to enter the Viena code for a specific class of goods.
  • Wordmark Search: Wordmark search is d to search for those trademarks which contain a group of goods recognized with wordmarks. It consists of letters, numbers, typographic symbols, words. If any trademark is based on words, it falls under this category.

How to search for trademark public Search?

One can perform an IP India trademark public search either by themselves through online mode, or seek professional help for the same.

For online public search, follow these steps:

  • First, go to the intellectual property of India.
  • Now, choose the Search type from the menu.
  • After this, select a wordmark or the type of public search you want to perform.
  • Put in a class of good you want to search for.
  • After this, enter the description of the goods.
  • Now hit the Search button.

The above was all about IP India Trademark public search. In the article above, we have discussed how you can perform an online trademark public search, or you may seek professional help for that. We also discussed different types of public searches available.

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