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Among the famous restaurants in the United States, TellCharley is renowned for its delicious dishes and drinks. Apart from serving delicious dishes, they appreciate their customer’s feedback through conducting surveys, thus creating a solid rapport with them. 

The survey aims to help the firm provide better service, grow its clients, and enhance its bottom line. They create survey programs to gather your opinion and improve their services to provide customers a priority.

It takes little time to complete the TellCharlies survey as it is only a matter of a few minutes. After completing your survey, you will have the opportunity to win a free coupon. It will enable you to save money for your subsequent visit.

As the primary goal of this platform is to extract customer opinions of TellCharleys, they work to improve the quality of their services and cuisine continuously. Customers can also use the company’s fantastic offer to redeem their validation code after completing the survey.

Charleys Philly Steaks Survey Details

Survey NameTellCharleys
RewardWith Charley Rewards, you earn points on every dollar you spend. Points = free food! And who doesn’t love free food? *On any order of $15+.
Get a free treat on your birthday.
Entry MethodOnline
LimitOne entry, one person
charleys philly steaks survey

TellCharleys Survey Requirments

To participate in the survey and leave valuable suggestions, one must have the following:

● TellCharleys purchase receipt is mandatory to have.

● It is necessary to have your device with internet connectivity, such as a computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.

● The participant must legally reside in one of the 50 United States of America.

● To take the survey, you must be at least 18 years old.

● To complete the survey, you must be fluent in either Spanish or English.

● You will be given one-time access only for one candidate.

● Use the coupon code before it expires because it is justifiable and valid for 30 days maximum. 

● Remember this Validation Code cannot be redeemed for cash or any other payment type.

How to take TellCharleys Customer Survey?

As you begin the official Charley survey, you will be prompted to answer several questions regarding your most recent visit to the store. You can use the code as soon as you finish the survey. As a bonus for attempting the survey, this code will enable you to receive free drinks during your subsequent visit to the store. 

● First, visit the Charley’s Survey official website

● Be sure to choose a language in which you feel at ease.

● It’s time to enter the precise data from your receipts, such as the store code, the visitation time, and the visitation date.

● Also, let them know the kind of visit you just had.

● Press the start button to begin the subsequent process.

● You will receive a basic multiple-choice quiz pertinent to your most recent trip to the store.

● reflect on your experience while you availed of the services and answer the survey questions accurately.

● It will now reroute to the page for overall satisfaction. Decide how satisfied you are, honestly.

● Also, you are welcome to make genuine suggestions for the company’s improvement.

● Enter the appropriate information about you in the appropriate section. Don’t forget to provide a working email address so the business can contact you. You won’t be able to obtain the redemption code if you do not.

● Submit the survey and note down the redemption code as to receive the reward on your subsequent purchase, you need to enter that code.

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Is the information that one entered into TellCharley safe and secure?

The data entered in TellCharley is safe. Starting with the comments, one expresses the perspectives on your dining experience, and that information is given anonymously. People will be able to read the opinions but not identify the authors. Most importantly, they must obtain the user’s consent to reveal their identity. 
The website is safe as well. It has software that guards against hacking attempts and data leaks. Your private information is protected and secured with them in this way.

For how many days are the TellCharley code and receipt valid?

The survey receipt you receive is valid for seven days. You won’t be able to access the survey using it after that. After completing the survey, you will receive a voucher for 30 days. After that, you won’t be able to use the code to save money at the shops.

Why am I disqualified from TellCharley?

TellCharley disqualification can occur for more than one reason. Giving incorrect information in the survey is among the most significant causes. You will be banned from participating in future Charley’s restaurant surveys if they have any reason to believe the information you provided needed to be corrected.

The other disqualification reasons include tampering with the data or manipulating the survey system in your favor. Doing so could cost you a lot because you risk being sued if, in any instance, what you did damage the firm or made the private data public.

If they discover that you violated the survey’s regulations, you will be rejected and prohibited from participating in future surveys.

What to do if there is a problem accessing to TellCharley?

If anyone has trouble accessing the survey, try again entering the information from the receipt, including the code. If it’s still unable to access the study, contacting Charley’s is necessary by using the information on their website and letting them know the issue.


Telephone: 800-437-8325

Email: [email protected] 

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