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Netflix Cookies will help you to access free account for one year. Netflix is a paid partnership that offers you movies and shows in which you need to choose a plan to subscribe. It has a very high streaming cost to buy, so the Netflix Cookies Premium will help you to get free Netflix accounts and stream the content.

You can also get the premium accounts using Netflix premium cookies, which will drive you to the free streaming of content.  Here we will share the Free Netflix cookies through which you can watch free movies and web series available. We will also discuss the process of using these cookies in the Mobile and PC.

Netflix Cookies 

Netflix is one of the top-rated Video App streaming applications with a great list of content to watch. But the subscription prices are very high, so these cookies will help you to get free Netflix account. These Netflix Cookies updated every hour. So, have a bookmark of this page so that you can easily access these Free Netflix accounts. If you have any Netflix Cookies not working, then you can try the others from the list.

Netflix Cookies Premium

Many of us like to watch the content of Netflix but cannot afford the subscription amount. It costs monthly, and the price differs upon the quality and number of members can attend at a time. So, here we will provide you with the Netflix Cookies 2024, which allows you to view all content for free and god quality. The below is the list of these cookies which you need to drop in your browser that give access to the free Netflix accounts.

Free Netflix Cookies      Link

What Are Netflix Cookies and how it Works

The browser cookies save the data of the website when we open, and these are called cookies. So, cookies store the data in the cache memory of the browser. Opening a website will drop these cookies in the browser, which will help for a better experience. When we open the Netflix account, the Netflix email and passwords stored in the form of cookies in the browser. We can export these saved cookies form one browser to another using EditThisCookie Chrome Extension and import that cookie in another browser. In this way also we can have the free Netflix accounts without any user ID or password.

The Netflix website also has these cookies on the website to check whether we have the Logs details.  So, if we store the Netflix cookies Premium in the cache memory of browser than we can easily access the free accounts and stream the content. You need to have download chrome extension to these Netflix cookies 2024 that will allow you to copy the data. It helps you to get the free Netflix accounts and can use it for free of cost.

Are these Netflix Cookies 2024 Safe to Use?

The cookies will not cause any damage to your system, and it is just a text file that website installs on the computer. But you need to have an eye on your privacy because they have some vital information about your login accounts. So, you need to use cookies on sites that are safe and secure.

Here the Netflix Cookies are very safe as they give you the free Netflix account with User ID and password. So, there is no harm as these are not the subscription account details.

How to Access Netflix Account using Cookies in PC

The process of using these cookies is simple, and here are steps that will help you to use these Netflix Cookies Premium for accessing the free accounts. Chrome browser saves the cookies and can watch the shows online.

  1. Open your chrome browser and install EditThisCookie Extension for the browser.
  2. After adding the extension, you should copy the Netflix Cookie, which shared in the above section of the article.Free Netflix Account
  3. Tap on EditThisCookie extension in the chrome browser and select the Import button.
  4. Here paste the Free Netflix Cookie and click on the Yes button on the page.
  5. Now, open the Netflix Website in chrome browser, and that will automatically login the account.
  6. The Netflix premium account is open free for you, and you can access movies and shows using them.

How To Use Netflix Cookies on Android

We all know that Netflix video streaming app is available for the Smartphones, and there are special offers in subscription for a mobile app which introduced recently. Here are the steps that will help you to get these free Netflix accounts in the mobile application.

  • You should have the Yandex Browser on your mobile phone, which quickly found in the Google Play store of your device.
  • To get the cookies, you need to install the EditThisCookie extension to it on your mobile phone.
  • For that, give the URL mentioned below in the browser, or can search for EditThisCookie in the browser.                                                    
  • Now, tap on Add to Chrome button in the pop-up notification and click Add Extension option. You can see the installation progress in the menu bar on the screen.
  • You need to copy a Free Netflix Cookie from the list and open the Netflix website in the Yandex browser.
  • Click on Yandex browser menu bar and then select the Extension option where you can see the EditThisCookie.
  • Tap on it and then choose the Import button, then paste cookie and click on the save button on the page.
  • Now you can access the free Netflix email and passwords for the account and stream the content.

Also, check details of getting Free Netflix Premium Account

How To Clear Netflix Cookies

We all use these cookies Netflix and watch the content for free of cost. But sometimes it does not run smooth and take much time to access. For this, we need to clear cookies and here are the steps that will make clear cookies in the account. When you are using a particular browser for accessing the website, then it saves cookies that will cause problems in the browser. So, we need to clear the cache where the cookies reside, browser history regularly. Here are the steps that will help you to remove them quickly in the browser.

  1. Open the browser and search for and Turn On the VPN of your system.
  2. Now paste the free cookies of Netflix in EditThisCokkie chrome extension and refresh the Netflix website page.
  3. It will automatically open the Netflix premium accounts, and you can watch the content free of cost easily.
  4. If this does not work, then change the location of your VPN.

Can we get a free personal Netflix account?

These cookies are used by many people to access free accounts. So, you will not get a free personal account.

Do we need to pay to access these Netflix accounts using cookies?

There is no need to pay a single penny for these Netflix Cookies Premium and access the account.

Are these Netflix Cookies Free updated regularly?

The cookies which provide premium Netflix account are updated every hour.

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