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If you are looking for a way to register yourself at Osmose Technology web portal, then congratulations on finding the right place to start your journey from! Osmose Technology is a well known IT solution providing corporation, based on Pune, India.

It established back in December 24th, 2019. It started off as a website for selling items of health related services. Later on, it emerged as a portal serving lot more than what was offered in the beginning. Currently, the company has a paid up capital of Rs. 10, 000 and shared capital of rs. 50,00,00.

Osmtechno Login

The consumers have rightly regarded it as a gateway to the digital hub. Starting right from providing service in trend based application of social media, e-commerce to internet gaming, this company has a lot to offer you. Not only that, this company runs a scheme as well that allows you to earn from the comfort of your house!

You can grab their membership to avail all the exciting features this scheme unveils.And if you are excited to get an access to the unlimited services in offers, you have to sign up for the Osmose Technology Private Limited portal today!

Getting started with Osmtechnology portal

Now that you have got an insight to the company, how to get yourself started with the portal? Well, here is how you can start your business with Osmose Technology!

  1. Everyone is welcome to the web portal to start their own business. All you have to do is be an Indian citizen, and purchase a plan worth rs. 1200. This is compulsory for all the joining members.
  2. After you make the payment for the purchased plan, your profile will be credited with 1200 points. With these points, you can now start shopping in the platform.
  3. Now all that is left is the registration. After you sign in into your account, Osmose Tech will transfer rs. 20 into your bank account daily. Rs. 600 will be credited to your bank account by the end of the month.
  4. Next, a referral link and a sponsor id will be sent to your device, and once the registration process is complete, you will start earning!

How to Register on Osmtechnology

If you are keen to start availing the benefits of the scheme, then first of all, you have to complete the digital registration. The web portal is very simply designed to make the registration process easier for the beginners.  The steps involving the digital registration are as follows.

  1. Make sure to open the official web portal. If any additional information needed, you can always turn to the website.
  2. After that, you have to fill in your details about the sponsor id and its specific type in the given fields.
  3.  Do not forget to add your bank account details and the phone number that is currently in use.
  4. Now, on the visible page, you have to enter your security code. After that, click on the submit button.
  5. With that, you officially registered as a new member. Once you complete the registration, you should be getting your member id from the web portal itself.
  6. Using the given member id, you now have to log in to your account.

Steps For Osm technology Login

We hope you have followed the instructions successfully so far! If so, it is time for you to log in into your account now. How do you log in? Here you go! Follow the steps that mentioned below!

  1. You can log in into the account by clicking on the Osmose Technology pvt. Ltd. Website link we are providing here!
  2. Now there should appear a box which will ask for yourmember identity and the password.
  3. Click on the “Log in” button after entering the log in credentials and your job is done!
  4. In case you have forgotten your member id, you can always get in touch with the osmose technology pvt ltd support team to seek assistance from.

Forgot OSMTechnology Membership Password?

It is not a really uncommon case where the user forgets his/herpassword to log in into a portal. As common as the problem is, it is necessary that you know the right steps to reset your password. Here is how you can reset your password using a simple technique.

  1. Go to the official osmtechnology website.
  2. Now, click on the log in link given in the osmose home page.
  3. Now the log in field should appear on your screen. There you will see the “Forgot Password” option given on the page. Click on the same.
  4. You directed to another web page. Here, you required to enter member id and password.
  5. Once you fill in the boxes, click on the “Submit” button.
  6. Now you will get an OTP on your registered mobile no.
  7. After the verify the OTP, a new page will appear for you to generate a new password.
  8. Choose a strong password and update it. Make sure to note it down somewhere to avoid similar experience in future.

Final word

So that was all you needed to know about getting started with Osmose Technology. We have covered almost every area you might have needed help with. To know more about the company and the portal, you are always welcome to visit their website as mentioned in the article. You can also write to them at [email protected]. Hope it helped! Fpr more updates go for our portal Timesalert.com

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