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SBI HRMS Login Portal is the given facility for the employees and retired members of the SBI. Employees can get complete information using this website. So, SBI HRMS Login is designed to bring all the employees information, financial activities, and services under one platform. It is available only for the employees of SBI, and others cannot take the benefit of the portal. Here we provide you with complete details of SBI HRMS Login Portal, Services offered by the portal. We also give additional information that helps you in the login process and other information.

SBI HRMS Login Portal

SBI HRMS is available only for the State bank of India Employees that will give you the complete details. HRMS stands for Human Resources Management Solutions. The portal will bring all the employees to one centre and manage their records. It also has a mobile application, which will make the process easy by installing the app on a Smartphone.

The employees and retired members can also check salary, pension slips from the portal. In 2017 the five banks were merged with SBI which are State bank of Mysore, Karnataka, Hyderabad and Travancore, Bikaner and Jaipur. So, all these five bank employees can also access this SBI HRMS Login portal.


The SBI HRMS IRJ Login Portal will also provide you with many other services discussed in this article. We will give you complete information about the login process. So, read the entire article for the info.

Services Offered By SBI HRMS IRJ Login

The SBI HRMS portal will provide many benefits for their employees.  Here we have discussed them. So, go through this section points to get the list of services given.

  1. We can see the salary pay slips easily with the help of SBI HRMS portal.
  2. The retired employees can also check their Pension Slip form the portal.
  3. Employees can check the status of Loans which are active along with the close ones easily.
  4. The SBI HRMS Portal will help you to plan your holiday with the list of Bank Holidays available in the portal.
  5. Employees can also order Cheque book, check account balance, transactions, and also download the account statements easily.
  6. SBI HRMS Login portal will also allow you to nominate for Provident fund Account. The data will automatically sync with the UAN.

Who can use SBI HRMS

The use of the SBI HRMS platform is meant for the employees of SBI. Note that the ex-employees or the retired employees can also use the portal. The customers of the SBI don’t have access to use the HRMS portal. This portal is available in-home and on office systems as well. Using the portal, the employees can use multi-services provided by the bank on the portal.

Uses of HRMS Portal

The HRMS portal is of immense use to its employees. Once the bank employees have access to their login credentials, they can log in to the portal and avail of the services provided by SBI for its employees. Here are some of the services or benefits of using the portal:

  • Bank employees can view their monthly payslip by using the portal. The payslip is the same as an offline one and contains every information about the deductions and credit made in their bank account.
  • Pensioners can also check their Pension payslip by using the same portal
  • Employees can access information on the pension plan.
  • The bank account’s balance can also be checked.
  • If you have any loan in your name, you can check about its status. Also, if you haven’t applied for any loan, you can check your eligibility for other loans.
  • This also lets you track all the holidays that are there for you to take.
  • By using the portal, employees can also make a nomination for a PF.

SBI HRMS Employee Login

The Online SBI HRMS IRJ Portal Login will help you to get the complete information about your employment status. You need to log in to get all the benefits mentioned in the above part of the article. The SBI HRMS Login steps are given here below.

How to Login SBI HRMS Online

  1. Open the official page on your browser of SBI HRMS, or you can also tap here for the redirect.
  2. It opens the home page of SBI HRMS on the screen, and you can see the login option on the top right side of the page.
  3. Tap on the login button on the page which will open a new web page.
  4. Here give your User ID and Password details on the screen of the registered employee.
  5. Click on “Log on” option on-screen, and this will display your account where you will get all the benefits and services.

Forgot Password

If you have lost your password for the account, then there is no worry.  You can now quickly get the information from the webpage. Here are the steps to get the retrieve the login details.

  1. Open the Login page from the website of SBI HRMS page.
  2. Tap on Forgot Password link that will redirect to the new page.
  3. Enter your User ID, Date of Birth in the text fields assigned and format.
  4. Click on Submit option below that will send a new password to the registered email ID in HRMS portal.
  5. The employees who have not given the email ID during the registration should send the email from their branch Email ID or designation ID to [email protected]
  6. SBI HRMS Login portal change password facility is available for employees, including the pensioners.


If you are an Android smartphone user, you can download an application on your phone. This will let you access all the information at just a single tap instead of logging into the official portal every time you want to access the information. Follow these steps to install the “My HRMS” app on your smartphone:

  • Unlock your phone and turn on the mobile data.
  • Open the Android Play Store and search for “My HRMS”.
  • Generally, the official app appears on the top. Before installing the app, make sure that the developer of the app is SBI to avoid any fraud.
  • Please be very sure to check the developer of the app. This is because there are fraudsters sitting at the next end to engulf your login data and benefit from your salary.
  • After verifying that it is the official app, click on the Install button.
  • Wait for some time till the Play Store installs the application. Meanwhile, you can do other things on your device as well.
  • Once the application is installed, there will be a notification of the app being installed on your device.
  • Upon successful installation, open the app and enter the login credentials.
  • Now you are all set to access your information.


Who can use the HRMS Portal?

The SBI HRMS portal can be used by the bank employees of the SBI or the previous or retired bank employees.

What are some uses of the HRMS Portal?

Using the HRMS portal, the employees can generate their monthly payslip and download or print it out for future uses. They can also access information like their current loans, or their eligibility for a loan. They can also track their holidays.


SBI HRMS is a platform meant for use by the employees of SBI bank. Using this portal, the bank employees can access information about their monthly payslip, their current outstanding loans, eligibility for other loans, holidays. This portal used by the retired bank employees. Retired bank employees can access their pension payslip and pension plan through this portal.

This article gives complete information about the SBI HRMS Login and benefits of Login portal for employees. We have also included the process of retrieving the password details from the website. I hope this article will help you to check your pension and salary pays quickly. For more information and updates, check Timesalert.

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