Ace of Space 2 Vote Online Voting Poll Results | Ace of Space Voting Using Voot App

Ace of Space Vote for your favourite contestants will save them from the elimination of the week.  You can cast your votes in the Voot application quickly every day for the whole week. Ace of Space Voting for the contestants is significant as the eviction process is considered depending upon the number of votes they gained.

The show is broadcast on MTV every day. There is elimination every week and the voting process for saving the nominated contestants from the eviction of that week. Contestants from different backgrounds are competing with each other for the title, and your favourite one needs your support for staying back in the show.  Here are the details of how to vote for Ace of Space Contestants through the online process in the Voot application.

Ace of space 2 Vote

We can vote in the online process in the Voot application when the voting lines are open after the nomination contestants list declared in the show. The process is simple, and you can easily cast your Vote for Ace of Space.  Contestants should survive in the room and save form squeeze where the room shrinks every week. Along with this, they should also survive every week nominations where we can vote the favourite contestant using Ace of space vote now in Voot application. We can vote for participants from the Voot website and mobile app.

Ace of Space Vote Online

The Ace of space vote Poll is considered every week for the contestants, and the minimum voted contestant will eliminate from the show. We can also see the wild card entries in the house. The two methods of voting are effortless, which discussed below sections.  It does not cost anything to vote the contestant; you need to log in the website or application to make your votes count. Here we will give all the rules, the requirement for Voot Ace of Space Vote. Go through the complete article for the full details about the voting process.

About Ace of Space Show

 MTV Ace of Space is a different concept where the contestants are kept in rooms and perform various tasks, which helps to stay in the house.  The idea of the show is the contestant with more space will have many chances to win the show.   Ace of space present is the second season of the show.

It is hosted by Vikas Gupta, who is the Master Mind of the show. Ace of Space 2 has the highest rating among all other shows, and this season is very different when compared to the previous one. It has two sides, which are Kings and Jacks, where the two teams compete with each other to perform tasks and win Trump Card that gives powers and helps them to stay in the house and save space. Also, check the details of MTV Splitsvilla 12 Contestants

 Ace of Space 2 Contestants List

The list is the present contestants in the show, and there may be wild card entries and eviction every week through the voting process and sometimes according to the show rules and task winning powers.

  1. Adnaan Shaikh
  2. Baseer Ali
  3. Sruthi Sinha
  4. Salman Zaidi
  5. Krissann Barretto
  6. Luv Tyagi
  7. Lucinda Nicholas
  8. Khushali Vyas
  9. Khushi Chaudhary
  10. Deepak Thakur
  11. Yash Rajput
  12. Rashmi Jha
  13. Prakruthi Mishra
  14. Manhar Seth

Basser Ali: He is the winner of MTV Splitsvilla season 10 and also runner up of MTV Roadies 14 shows. He hosted few shows and one of the strong competitors in the show.

Adnaan Shaikh: He is a tik-tok user who has a massive following in the social media platforms and entered as a wild card in the show.

Salman Zaidi: He is from Hyderabad and actor-manager by profession and a boxer. It is his first reality show to participate and got a massive following with his game.

Sruthi Sinha: she is a good dancer, and a participant of the Roadies show and winner of Splitsvilla season 11and has a vast following and an intense competition.

Krissann Barretto: is an actor and appeared in many TV shows, and her debut Kaise Yeh Yarrian has made her popular and got many opportunities. She is a famous actor and known for her many shows.

Luv Tyagi: he is a contestant in the world’s most significant reality show Bigg Boss and had a massive following for his game. Luv is the wild card entry in the Ace of Space House.

Lucinda Nicholas: is also an Ex contestant of the Bigg Boss show and proved as a strong competitor according to the game to date.

Khushali Vyas: is the mimicry artist for the cartoons and a good entertainer and showing her game in the show.

Khushi Chaudhary: she is a tik tok user who has enormous followers on different platforms and a wild card entry in the house.

Deepak Thakur: is a contestant of Bigg Boss show season 12 and one of the finalists. He came back into the Ace of Space show after recovering from a hand injury.

Yash Rajput is one of the contestants who is proving influential in the latest episodes and has many fans who are saving him from eviction.

Rashmi Jha: is a famous model and well known for her work and a right contestant in Ace of Space Show.

Prakruthi Mishra: is an actor and very well know in Odia films and Hindi television and also received the national film award for Hello Arsi film.

Manhar Seth: is a well-known poet and famous in the social media platform. He is from Delhi and an energetic participant in the show.

The contestant’s name who eliminated till the latest episode are listed out here below

  1. Roshni Misbah
  2. Rohit Singh Rajput
  3. Renu Bhati
  4. Akshay Kakkar
  5. Ohm Kaliraman
  6. Peral Almeida
  7. Ramiz Siddiqui
  8. Mandeep Gujjar
  9. Nikita Bhamidipati

Rules for Ace of Space Vote

There are specific rules which are made by the channel administration, which you need to be aware of before starting the voting process.  Here we have listed them out

  1. Viewers from Indian can only vote for the contestants.
  2. You can only vote in the given timelines every week, and the votes after this timeline not counted.
  3. Viewers can vote only one vote per episode using user and email address.
  4. The votes send by the user after their first vote considered as null.
  5. The Ace of space vote once cast is irreplaceable. So, you need to be sure before casting a vote for a contestant.
  6. The voting lines will open every Monday at 19:00 hours and closes on Friday at 9:00 hours, according to IST.

Vote for Ace of Space

 How to Vote Ace of Space 2 Contestants

The Ace of space vote is available in two different methods for the viewers using the website and Application. Here we gave the precise steps to follow that help you to get the complete information about the process.  Check the below sections according to their titles that help you with instruction to make Ace of Space Voting.

Ace Of Space 2 Vote Poll On Voot Website

The official website is very user-friendly, where you can easily cast your votes for your favourite nominated contestant for the week.  Follow the steps below and vote for Ace of Space.

  1. Open the website of Voot in your browser where you can see the Login option on the menu.
  2. Tap on it and Login using Face book or Gmail Address. If you don’t have an account, you can create one on the website.
  3. Now select the shows option from the menu bar on the website and select Ace of Space from the list.
  4. Here on the page, you can see the vote now option and click on it and the nominated contestants shown on the screen.
  5. Select your favourites from the list and tap on Submit, and you will see a popup and tap on the okay option.
  6. If you are using other devices, they log out from the account after the voting process.

 How To Vote Ace Of Space 2 on Voot App 

We can vote from the vote application easily than the website.  You don’t need to logout of the account as you will install the application on your device.  Below are the steps that help viewers to cast the Ace of space vote to nominated participants.

Ace Of Space 2 Voting Poll On Voot

  1. Open the Playstore in your respective Smartphone and type Voot App in the search bar.
  2. Select the application and tap on the install option on the screen where the process will complete in a few seconds.
  3. You can see the shortcut on your Smartphone home screen and tap on it to open.
  4. Now, log in the app using your Facebook, Gmail, or you can cr4eate an account in Voot.
  5. Select Ace of Space show and tap on vote now an option on the screen. Here you can see all the nominated contestants on the screen.
  6. Select your favourite contestants, and you can vote only one from the list.
  7. Tap on the Submit button at the end of the page that will show you the thank you message for casting your vote.

Ace of Space 2 Vote Contact Numbers

Any queries about the application, then you can check the frequently asked questions in the application. The solutions for most of your issues mentioned on the page. You can also write an mail to the Email address that will help you with the immediate response from the Voot application.

  1. Mail address: Zion Bizworld, Subhash Road-A, Vile Parle (East), Mumbai-400057
  2. Email: [email protected]

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