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MTV Splitsvilla X2 is a television reality show, which is telecasting in the MTV.  This show is one of the famous Indian TV shows which are now airing its X2th season. This show has gained more popularity as the show hosted by Sunny Leone. Today the young generation’s one of the favourite show is Splitsvilla.

In this show, all contestants are finding their matching pattern. It is entirely an entertainment weekend show for all kinds of people. Recently the Splitsvilla X2th season has started. Here we have given the details about the show and the contestant’s biography. Check this article for more information about MTV Splitsvilla X2.

MTV Splitsvilla X2

Splitsvilla is one of the famous Indian television dating reality show. Purvish Bhatt and Shweta Jangra created the show. The Splitsvilla show is telecasting only in the Hindi language. First time in 20th June 2008, the MTV Splitsvilla show has aired nationally. After the year of 2008, the show has completed its 11 seasons successfully.

Now the MTV Splitsvilla X2 season telecasted every Friday.  This show hosted by three popular television’s starts, Nikhil Chinapa, Rannvijay and the beautiful actress Sunny Leone. Through this show, the contestants will get their perfect pattern. There are some tasks, oral test, etc. If any contestants answer is same as other contestants, then they will select for as a couple. It is the primary rule of this Splitsvilla show.

Mtv Splitsvilla 12
MTV Splitsvilla X2

MTV Splitsvilla X2 Contestants 

The MTV Splitsvilla X2 season is the new season of this year. All the fans of this show were waiting for this show from some few months. In the past, this show came on Sunday, but now it is telecasting on Friday. The channel is the same, but the time slot has changed for some reasons. The dating show revolves around the young boys and girls, who are trying to secure their place in Splitsvilla.

The theme of the game is quite similar to the show Bigg Boss. In this game, all the contestants will stay in a Villa which detached from the real world. All the contestants have to find their love at the same time they have to complete their tasks too. At the end of the season, a girl and a boy will be crowned the winners of Splitsvilla.

MTV Splitsvilla X2 Reality Show

All the contestants of the MTV Splitsvilla compete with each other to save their place in the show. The show is full of jealousy, hatred, friendship, backstabbing, breakups and lots of fights and arguments. In this show, a king and a queen are there, who have dumping powers. The MTV Splitsvilla X2 show will become a more famous and popular Indian television show. People love to watch the game and fights of the contestants. By this, the Splitsvilla show increases its popularity.

MTV Splitsvilla X2 Contestants Names

From starting the MTV Splitsvilla X2 season, 20 contestants have entered in the show. In previous Sunday, six other contestants joined the Splitsvilla X2 season. The name of the contestants is;

Girls Contestants:

  1. Miesha Iyer
  2. Jinal Sharma
  3. Priyamvada Kant
  4. Ahana Sharma
  5. Arshiya Arshi
  6. Alice Gari
  7. Aradhana Sharma
  8. Hridya Prajapati
  9. Soundarya Thakur
  10. Bhavya Singh

Boys Contestants:

  1. Ashish Bhatia
  2. Uday “Yunan” Sachdeva
  3. Rahul Gujral
  4. Bhavin Bhanushali
  5. Aman Dheer
  6. Piyush Sharma
  7. Shivam Bihari
  8. Lokesh “Loka” Bisht
  9. Ankush Kalyan
  10. Alfez Khaishagi
  11. Sambhav Baid
  12. Pulkit Kapoor
  13. Shrey Mittal
  14. Anshit Khandelwal
  15. Pranav Bhardwaj
  16. Pratyaksh Rajbhatt

MTV Splitsvilla X2 Contestants Names Wiki Photos

Here we have listed all the MTV Splitsvilla X2 season contestants biography with photographs.

  1. Miesha Iyer:

Miesha is an Indian model and fashionista. Her date of birth is 4th April 1994, Mumbai, India. Now she is 25 years old. She loves to travel and dance. Miesha’s first debut appearance was Ace of Space (2018).

  1. Jinal Sharma

Jinal is an Indian Model was born on 7th September 1995 on Mumbai Maharashtra. Now, she is in 23 years. Currently, she is participating in Splitsvilla X2 season.

  1. Priyamvada Kant

Priyamvada Kant is a famous Indian actress and dancer in the television industry. Now she is more famous for her role as Sharda in Tenali Rama show, which is telecasting in Sab TV. Priyamvada also has the winner of the Pakistani show Madventures.

  1. Ahana Sharma

Ahana is a newcomer for the television industry. Now she is starting her career with this MTV Splitsvilla X2 season.

  1. Arshiya Arshi

Arshiya is a beautiful Indian actress, model and singer. She is now very famous on Tiktok and for here signing skill; she also recognised in social media. Now she has become the part of the Splitsvilla show.

  1. Alice Gari

Alice is one of the contestants, who belongs to the UK. Now she is in 22 years old. Her father from the UK and her mother are an Indian.

  1. Aradhana Sharma

She is 20 years old young girls. There is no other information about Aradhana Sharma.

  1.  Hridya Prajapati

Hridya Prajapati is the 20 years old contestants in Splitsvilla show.  She is an actor and model. She was born in 8th February 1999 on Saturday.

  1. Soundarya Thakur

Soundarya  Thakur is a beautiful Indian model and fashion blogger. Now she joined in MTV Splitsvilla X2 show. Soundarya was born in 21st September 1998 on New Delhi.

  1. Bhavya Singh

Bhavya Singh is the last contestants in MTV Splitsvilla X2 show. Now she is in 20 years old.

  1. Ashish Bhatia

Ashish Bhatia is a participate of Roadies Real hero season. He is a famous rapper and Tiktok stars. Now he is in 23.

  1. Uday “Yunan” Sachdeva

Uday is a famous music composer. Now he is in 20 years old.

  1. Rahul Gujral

Rahul Gujral is an Indian Blogger, Model and television personality. He was born in New Delhi. Now Rahul is in 22 years old.

  1. Bhavin Bhanushali

Bhavin Bhanushali is a famous Indian television actor and, model. Now he is very famous for his Tiktok videos. Bhavin is now 20 years old guy.

  1. Aman Dheer

Aman is an actor, model and singer. Now he is participating in the reality dating show Splitsvilla X2 season. He was born in 8th November 1995.

  1. Piyush Sharma

Piyush Sharma is the famous Indian standup comedian. Now he is in 27 years old.

  1. Shivam Bihari

Shivam is one of the younger contestants in Splitsvilla X2 season. He is only 19 years old.

  1. Lokesh “Loka” Bisht

Lokesh is in 23 years old. Other information about him is not available.

  1. Ankush Kalyan

Ankush Kalyan is also in 23 years old. Now he is the contestants of Splitsvilla season X2.

  1. Alfez Khaishagi

Alfez is a fashion model. He was born in 1st September 1994 on Dubai. Now he is in 24 years old.

  1. Sambhav Baid

Sambhav Baid is a model, cricketer, Entrepreneur, Fitness Athlete. He was born in 3rd April 1990.

  1. Pulkit Kapoor

Pulkit Kapoor is a famous YouTubers, actor, model and now the Splitsvilla season X2 contestants. He was born on 23rd December 1998.

  1. Shrey Mittal

Shrey Mittal is 24 years old, who is now participating in Splitsvilla season X2.

  1. Anshit Khandelwal

Anshit is an actor, dancer and model. Now he is in 24 years.

  1. Pranav Bhardwaj

Pranav Bhardwaj is now famous for his Tiktok videos. He was born in 1999.

  1. Pratyaksh Rajbhatt

Pratyaksh Rajbhatt is a famous Indian television actor, dancer, Youtuber. Who was born in 18th August 1992 in Mumbai.

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The people can watch the MTV Splitsvilla X2 season from VOOT original. All the episodes are now available in the VOOT. For more updates and information, check Timesalert.

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