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Typing a backward 3 or reverse 3 that appears like E is becoming increasingly popular as a symbol of love in status updates, tweets, and messages published on social media. Do check other details about the Grammarly Premium account for free.

How To Type Ɛ

Do you find it difficult to type the backwards 3 “Ɛ” symbol? The reverse three symbols are not available in the symbols sections of both Android and iPhones. You may be perplexed as to how to acquire reverse 3 or “Ɛ” on your phone. This is a short lesson that will teach you how to type a reverse 3 “Ɛ” sign using a variety of approaches.

How to type backwards 3 symbol – Ɛ?

In the same way that the ampersand symbol was employed in the Latin language in the 18th century, the backwards E, reverse 3 or Pan-Nigerian letter was used in the Latin language.

In your word processor, make a backwards 3 or in a blank document. To convert this code to a reverse three, type “0190” and then press “ALT-X.”

What is the use of this reverse 3?

  • The sign for Backwards 3 or Reverse 3 is written as Ɛ. It can be used to depict a heart and so indicate love, or it can be used to construct a heart. Ɛ>
  • This is since it takes the shape of a heart. It is commonly used by millennials to express love.

What is the backwards 3 symbol?

The ampersand is commonly represented by an outsized lowercase epsilon Ɛ or a reversed number 3 with a vertical line placed on top. An epsilon with a vertical line above and below it, or a dot above and below it, is also used to represent the ampersand.

Backwards 3

Type Backwards 3 With ALT Code On PC

The reverse 3 symbols are becoming more popular by the day, and it is frequently used by both Gen-X and Gen-Z. Typing the backwards 3 as Ɛ isn’t difficult, especially if you’re doing it on a computer.

All you have to do is copy the backwards three symbols from the symbol list or even Google and put them wherever you wish. You may also do more on your computer by using the reverse 3 alt code. The procedures are outlined below.

  • To open any text-based software, such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or MS Excel, first, turn on your computer.
  • Type 0190 after you’ve generated a new, blank document ().
  • After that, concurrently hit Alt and X on your keyboard, and you’ll notice that the text you wrote above has been changed to the backwards 3 sign.
  • I know it’s difficult to believe, but it’s truly that easy. This is how you use this code to type backwards 3 in both Word and Google Docs.

Type Backwards 3 As E On Android Phone

In truth, there are no choices on the Android keyboard to let you enter backwards 3 symbols. Here’s the thing: You won’t have to search the keyboard for a symbol. You can simply copy it and paste it wherever you’d like.

You’ll be able to utilize the reverse 3 sign in your WhatsApp chats, Instagram stories, WhatsApp statuses, and Instagram stories, to mention a few places. It doesn’t get any easier than copying the sign and pasting it onto the page you want.

How to Insert Backwards 3 In Documents

Inserting the backwards 3 symbols in your writings is another simple alternative.

  • To begin, turn on your computer.
  • Now open any text editor, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Create a new blank document now.
  • Following the menu section, select the “Insert” tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Now locate the Symbol tab and choose it.
  • A big list of characters and symbols appears in the following window.
  • You can now input backwards 3 symbols Ɛ from this list, as well as a variety of other symbols.
  • Use a basic Windows typeface like Arial or Times New Roman to acquire a large list of symbols.

Does this symbol – Ɛ look like a E?

The number 3 on the back resembles the letter E in the English alphabet. Many individuals have described it as an upside-down E with the caps removed. The real symbol, on the other hand, is derived from the number 3.

Other ways to type Backwards 3

You can type “Ɛ” using a variety of methods, which are mentioned below. Other options include:

  • Using the Alt-code on a PC to type the symbol Ɛ
  • Using symbols in a word processor to type backwards 3
  • On the ribbon, select “Symbol” from the “Insert” menu.

A new window appears, with a vast array of letters and symbols from which you can select various characters that resemble a backwards three. However, you’ll have to pick a regular Windows font like Arial or Times New Roman for most of the options.


The modern backwards three, on the other hand, has a different origin. It’s said to be a modern take on the Greek tiny letter epsilon. It is taken from the medieval minuscule and is famously used to represent the heart sign.

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